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Pond lining is available in a range of materials and brand names but the easiest choice to make is a fibreglass onsite moulding.

Fibreglass pond lining is the ultimate choice after you have spent time planning and building you pond and want it to look the best it can. Fibreglass pond lining also creates the best habitat to nurture fish and wildlife. Fibreglass linings also eliminate the risk of leaks.

Fibreglass Manufacturer

We are a fibreglass manufacturer who employs a large workforce offering you a broader, more flexible and responsive fibreglass moulding service.

We are a fibreglass manufacturer with finishing and laminating departments that serve the whole of the UK. A lot of our production goes abroad and our products can easily withstand hostile environments. We have provided high-spec instrumental panel sunshades for use in the Algerian desert.  

Pool Liners

If you are building a pool, we have a choice of pool liners to make your construction decisions a lot easier to make. Making a decision on the type of pool liners you use can be difficult but our expert service can help.

Pool liners can come in pvc, vinyl liner, tiles or fibreglass and all these options have their own benefits. However, fibreglass is the better choice. It has amazing long-term cost effectiveness and is exceptionally durable.

Fibreglass pool liners are low maintenance and have a fantastic finish that puts fibreglass miles ahead of its competitors. 

Fibreglass Roofing

We offer fibreglass roofing for flat roof systems and provide 100 percent weatherproof and watertight seal, no joints to prevent water penetration and a system that allows for quick construction.

Our fibreglass roofing solutions meet building regulations, are fire resistant and help to reduce heating costs using thermal insulation. They require no roof maintenance and are resistant to high temperatures and UV exposure.

Fibreglass roofing is resistant to temperature change, has high flexural strength, long life expectancy. We also offer fibreglass roofing in an extensive range of colours and non-slip textures.

Flat Roof Replacement

We supply a flat roof replacement service to replace old roofs often sealed with felt and bitumen. We offer the grp flat roof replacement. It is a superb solution and alternative to conventional roofing and is made from fibreglass and is hard with a strong, long lasting surface.

Grp flat roof replacement is water impervious and it has no joints. It is ideal for flat roof construction. You do not need to worry about it leaking and you save money because it does not require regular repair and maintenance. 

Fibreglass Moulding Services

Fibreglass moulding services can be ideal for use in industrial, construction, manufacturing and architectural sectors.

We can convert your design to fit our range of fibreglass moulding services and you can choose from a one-off prototype or a high volume of productions.

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