Gekko Industries Ltd


At Gekko Industries we offer innovative solutions that industry can depend on.  Solutions which meet and overcome the challenges faced by businesses as budgets are squeezed, legislation is tightened and limited resources are high on the agenda.

The Gekko Wood Flooring Adhesive System is a great example. This innovation will revolutionize the flooring and wall cladding industries. It cuts jobbing time, limits potential work hazards – by keeping, both, the operator and the working area clean – and reduces waste. In short, it’s a must-have product for any flooring business.

The Gekko Canister systems are another great example.  Our Gekko Flooring Contact Spray System has further revolutionized the flooring market due to it's Co-Rez Technology - this ensures an exceptional "greater coverage less weight" formula, therefore an increase of up to 15% extra coverage per unit.  Furthermore, Gekko Industries has listened to the market and responded in the launch of the Carpet Tackifier.  Again, this is a 'must-have' for the Carpet Contractor due to the benefits reaped from this system

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