Gemini Dispersions Ltd.

The UK's leading independent manufacturer of pigment dispersions. Through our excellent reputation, we enjoy the supply of materials to many of the worlds leading manufacturers of paints, inks, plastics, pigments and chemicals.

Our "HD Sperse" materials are synonymous with economy, innovation and quality and include:

HD Sperse EX - NPE and VOC free dispersions for use in aqueous systems.

HD Sperse EP - Brand leading range of NPE free dispersions.

HD Sperse AD - Surfactant free dispersions based upon acrylic resins.

HD Sperse IC - Patented "Telomer" based multi-compatible materials for industrial solvent-based systems.

HD Sperse SPA - Alkyd based dispersions for white spirit based decorative and maintenance coatings.

HD Sperse XP - Plasticiser and Polyol based dispersions for flexible PVC and PU skin coats etc.

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