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Here at Gemini Integrated Electronics, we specialise in the supply of ESD test equipment. Our ESD test equipment range includes:

ESD Measurement Equipment:

  • Surface Resistance Meter (9 volt) : 35-001
  • Surface Resistance Meter (100 volt) : 35-008
  • Resistance Decade Box : 35-012

ESD Test Instruments:

  • Constant Monitor Resistive (Dual Band) : 35-002
  • Constant Monitor Capacitive (Single Band) : 35-003
  • Constant Mat Monitor : 35-004
  • Constant Monitor Resistive (Dual Band, Slimline) : 35-009
  • Single Line Constant Monitor (Slimline) : 35-011
  • Dual Operator Constant Monitor : 35-013
  • Wristband Tester : 35-005
  • Dual Footwear and Wristband Tester : 35-006
  • Dual Footwear Tester : 35-007
  • Wristband Tester and Ground Monitor: 35-014

Static Control Test Equipment

We are an established electronics manufacturing company providing static control test equipment to a wide variety of industry sectors. We provide a high quality service and use IPC-A-610 as our electronics assembly standard. We detect and measure static electricity to avoid potential hazards that could have an impact on product quality in today’s sensitive electronic and processing environments.

Our static control test equipment, the ECP 1600 series, includes a wristband checker, system checker, surface resistivity meter, surface resistivity and resistance to ground test kit, continuous workstation monitor and static monitors. We manufacture of the Emstat TM range of ESD test, static control test equipment  and measurement instruments, providing a complete solution to the problems of static control.

Static Control Test Equipment

EDS Test Tools

We have an impressive range of EDS test tools available. Our EDS test tools include:

  • PGA Adjustable Inserter and Extractor
  • PLCC Inserter and Extractor
  • Lead Straighteners
  • QFP Lead Straighteners
  • ESD Safe Brushes
  • Flux Dispensing Pens
  • Digital Component Counters
  • Vacuum Pick Up for SMD "Vampire"
  • Vacuum Pick Up for Wafer "Vampire"
  • Tweezers
  • De-soldering Pumps
  • Electric Screwdrivers
EDS Test Tools

Electrostatic Protective Areas (EPAs)

We supply an array of solutions for electrostatic protective areas (EPAs). Our electrostatic protective areas (EPAs) solutions include:

  • ESD Floor Coverings
  • Static Dissipative Rubber Matting
  • Static Dissipative Floor Paint
  • Static Dissipative Floor Cleaner
  • ESD Complete Workstations and Laminate
  • ESD Chairs Grounding Products
  • ESD Labels and Warning Signs
Electrostatic Protective Areas (EPAs)

Transportation Packaging

We have an assortment of transport packaging accessories available. Our transport packaging solutions include:

  • Conductive Corrugated Boxes
  • Conductive Plastic PP Boxes
  • Conductive PCB Racks
  • Conductive Transportation Carts
  • Conductive Bench Top PCB Holders
  • Conductive Conduplast Boxes
  • ESD Safe Tote Boxes and Bins
Transportation Packaging


We specialise in PCB assembly. We use highly cost-effective processes when manufacturing high quality components to suit all technologies. We offer a flexible approach to meet your individual requirements. We use an assortment of automated processes to produce through hole, surface mount and mixed technology PCBs to your specific requirements.

We provide advanced cable and harness assembly to cover a wide range and complexity of types of wire and cables, crimps and connectors. They are manufactured to the highest quality to specific customer requirements.

Our fastrack prototype service provides fast turnaround and high quality. We recognise most prototypes are time-critical so further development can take place as speedily as possible. Using our manual SMT 'pick and place' we will produce your product from gerbers and part lists as fast as within 48 hours.


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