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Gemma Lighting Ltd are an innovative, energy conscious and environmentally friendly LED Street Light Manufacturer.

From their UK manufacturing facility in Portsmouth, Gemma Lighting draw on their vast LED Lighting experience which dates back to 2003. Their products are equipped with the latest technology in high brightness LED's and they can provide energy efficient lighting solutions for all of your requirements which also includes Cold Store Lighting.

As an LED Street Light Manufacturer, Gemma Lighting have designed a series of LED Street Lights which offer significant carbon and energy reduction.

LED Cold Store Lighting

If you are looking for environmentally friendly and energy efficient LED Cold Store Lighting, then Gemma Lighting has an expansive range fit for all purposes.

All fixtures are designed and built in house and the LED Cold Store Lighting range offer exceptional cost effective solutions to traditional, out-dated models. All of the LED Cold Store Lighting units come with a guaranteed long life span due to Gemma Lighting's optimised use of heat sink technology.

All of the designs across the LED Cold Store Lighting Range are equipped with optical lenses which produce a targeted light; this avoids the use of flamants which tend to burn out or fracture.

LED Car Park Lighting

Gemma Lighting Ltd's LED Car Park Lighting range combines the design of traditional and stylised fittings with the latest technological advancements to ensure that the design you choose will not only suit your requirements, but will also complement the landscape with its white light.

All of the LED Car Park Lighting models are beautifully designed and include models such as the Neptune 5 XL110; an LED wooden bollard which is a particularly stylised line and incorporates the latest in LED Technology.

Other great models include:

  • Jaguar
  • Trafalgar
  • Endurance
  • Nelson
  • Warrior

For the full range visit Gemma Lighting's dedicated LED Car Park Lighting Page.

LED Flood Lights

Gemma Lighting's world renowned LED Flood Lights series, which uses high performance LED Flood Lights, are high powered and focused towards creating minimum light pollution.

There are four Spitfire model LED Flood Lights in innovative designs to choose from, which have already garnered popularity from across the globe including famous destinations such as Cairo, Egypt's capital.

Each individual LED Flood Light uses different LED and optic configurations which are designed to create excellent coverage and high uniformity of the desired location.

LED Solar Lighting

 As an innovative and technologically astute LED Street Lighting Manufacturer, Gemma Lighting's product range also includes cost effective LED Solar Lighting units.

Each and every LED Solar Lighting Model is designed and manufactured with your cost specification in mind and as these solar power management units are modelled to fit many of our popular existing models including the LED Street Light and LED Flood Light range, there is always a vast choice of design available.

The collection of solar energy where mains power is not available, or even desired is never an issue as Gemma Lighting cater specifically for such personal preferences.

LED High Bay Lighting

Utilizing the latest in LED technology, our LED High Bay luminaries offer low wattage with high lumen output to allow a cost effective solution to traditional fittings.
These fixtures have been designed and manufactured by the team at Gemma Lighting using the latest in high brightness LED's, Driver’s and heat sink technology in order to provide high quality output products with a long life span.

To find out why you should change to LED High Bay Lighting please check out our website for further details.


Gemma Lighting Ltd

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