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Gen3 Kinematics is a newly formed division of Gen3 Systems Limited, a financially independent, family owned and operated business for over 40 years, now in its 3rd generation - hence Gen3.

Now in 2010 the 3rd Generation is offering diversification into specialist health based systems focused on Kinematic Engineering. The addition of MyoQuip strength machines to the product range greatly enhances our ENGINEERING SOLUTIONS FOR HEALTHY LIVING.

MyoTruk - Resistance Strength Builder for Glutes & Quads

The MyoTruk has now been released as one of Gen3 Kinematics new range of MyoQuip variable resistance strength equipment.

The MyoTruk is designed to increase leg and core strength safely and works the body much in the same way as a squat, but without the risk of adverse loading on the back.

It embodies direct-linkage force transmission and has been designed for complex, multi-joint and large muscle mass movement. It also features the patented Broad Biomechanical Correspondence Technology ensuring constant increasing resistance throughout the exercise movement.

MyoTruk - Resistance Strength Builder for Glutes & Quads

The MyoTruk is used by athletes from many different sports including Rugby, Basketball, Swimming and Football to enhance the athletes' strength without risk of injury.

Since its release, the MyoTruk has been adopted by:

The Wallabies; Exeter Chiefs; London Rowing Club; CA Brumbies; Munster; Ulster; Leinster; Emirates Western Force; NSW Waratahs; Queensland Reds; Auckland Blues; Northampton Saints; Natal Sharks; Golden Lions; Sydney Uni Flames; New South Wales Institute of Sport; Sydney University Sport & Fitness; Biarritz; Exeter University and other leading clubs and schools

MyoThrusta - Lying Leg Press

The MyoThrusta is the only strength builder for the leg extensors providing an appropriate level of muscle activation throughout the exercise movement from extreme flexion to full extension.

The patented BBC technology ensures high-range muscle fibre recruitment over the full range of limb movement without imposing any adverse loading on the spine, hips or knees.


MyoThrusta - Lying Leg Press

The MyoThrusta combines a fully recumbent exercise position with accommodating resistance making it an ideal apparatus for rehabilitation and strengthening of the lower limbs.

Since its release, the MyoThrusta has been adopted by:

Exeter Chiefs; London Rowing Club; New South Wales Institute of Sport; Sydney University Sport & Fitness; Exeter University and other leading clubs and schools.

PROTEC Natural Lumbar Suspension System

The PROTEC natural lumbar suspension system is a machine developed in Japan to aid and help prevent lower back pain. It is a stand-alone machine comprising of an automated seat with padded straps to hold the patient. It has two leg supports featuring a unique pulley system enabling the user, or the patient, to easily adjust the height of the legs. There is also a cervical attachment available that is easily mounted to the unit.

The Lumbar Suspension Method has been proven effective in Japan, providing natural traction of the spine, with the lower body acting as an anchor, using gravity alone. This is a different form of traction to that which is created on a horizontal bed.

Protec therapy enables a reduction of pressure upon the patient’s lower body by lifting and suspending the upper body, thus providing a significant reduction in internal intervertebral disk pressure.

PROTEC Natural Lumbar Suspension System

Bungy Pump

BungyPump is a training pole with built-in suspension creating a 4 kg resistance. The suspension provides extra resistance for the body when the pole is pressed down. With each step using the pole, you press down with a force of 4 kg.

You use more muscles when BungyPump walking than when walking with conventional Nordic poles. You quickly notice this since your pulse rate increases and your back perspires.

BungyPump is intended for all those who want to improve their condition and at the same time acquire a strong and supple body. The anti-shock design also eliminates hard shocks from the downward thrust of the poles. This means that elbows and shoulders are not overexerted and, just as with ordinary walking poles, the pressure is relieved on the knees and hips.

If you have ever trained on soft marshland or wet sand, you will understand the way BungyPump works. Just like when walking on a marsh, the training poles require more of your body to produce the same movements.

The poles are acclaimed by everyone from top athletes, joggers and walkers to medical experts.

Bungy Pump

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