Genc 2010 Ltd.

General Carbide Europe Ltd. is dedicated to providing quality tungsten carbide products for wear, cutting and metal forming industries. We specialise in:
  • Carbide Punches
  • Metal Removal Tool
  • Wear Resistant Parts & Tools
  • Knives and Cut-Off Tools
  • Oil and Gas Tools
  • Powder Metal Tooling
  • Stamping & Blanking Tools
  • Cold Forging Tools
  • Draw Dies
  • Can Tooling
  • Rolls
  • Solid Carbide Rod
  • Miscellaneous
General Carbide have the capacity to grind outside diameters of 350mm, internal bores up to 300mm and can surface grind up to 600mm. Our well equipped machine shop enables us to offer proof ground carbide products and finish ground parts. In proof grinding we remove the sinter stock, allowing the customer to concentrate on finishing. Alternatively, finished ground items can be produced.

What is cemented carbide?
Cemented carbide is produced by mixing a metal carbide, such as tungsten, with a metallic binder material that is usually cobalt, nickel or a combination of both. This mixture is generally held together by an organic binder and formed into a desired shape, known as a preform.

The preform is then placed into a furnace for sintering, which melts the metallic binder material around the carbide particles. During sintering, the preform shrinks volumetrically about 40%. The last step is grinding the preform to its final dimensions.

Oil and Gas Tools
Quality Tungsten Carbide Wear Parts for the Oil and Gas Industry.

Large and small flow control valves, chokes, seats, plugs, cages, shrouds, mud nozzles and wear sleeves - all manufactured from high quality tungsten carbide

Tablet Dies
Tablet Dies. Tungsten Carbide and Steel Dies for use in the pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, confectionery and other industries

We manufacture Tungsten Carbide, Steel, Stainless Steel and Ceramic tablet dies to a high quality. Our up to date production facility ensures that the industry's quality standards are adhered to.

Punches & Pins Cold Forming
Punches & Pins - Tungsten Carbide Hardmetal Punches and Pins for cold forming.

General Wear Parts
We provide quality Tungsten Carbide products for wear, cutting and metal forming.

Second only to diamond in hardness, General Carbide's high performance carbide grades, manufactured in a tremendous range of sizes and shapes have become indispensable to countless industries throughout the UK.

Sintered Preforms
  • Preforms - Sintered Preforms from simple to highly complex.
Our Preforms lead the industry in metallurgical and dimensional quality. These American made products meet the most exacting specifications.
  • Top Grades - Top Grade Sintered Preforms
Cobalt. Nickel. Tantalum. We offer them all. In fact, we offer more than 50 carbide grades in a wide range of binder concentrations and particle sizes. Our sintered preform manufacturer leads the industry with the tightest overall material specifications.
  • Sintered Preforms - Sintered Preforms from simple to highly complex.
We are focused on quality, which is why we've made significant investments in new equipment, technology and processes that touch every aspect of our company and your products. From new sinter-hip furnaces and CNC machines to new CAD/CAM and packaging systems, we believe in making quality investments.

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