- YEAR FOUNDED is a global information technology based software company operating since 2008 in India. It develops and provides user friendly and powerful software that help users to schedule and manage their complex tasks systematically by utilizing their precious business time and efforts. We use latest technology to provide best services to our worldwide clients, partners and customers in reliable way.

Company provides DRPU Barcode Label Maker Software that produces linear and 2D barcode images in various font symbologies as per company requirement. Software generates multiple barcode tags and labels for meeting bulk product labeling needs using Sequential, Random and Constant list generating functions.

Salient Features of DRPU Barcode Label Maker Software:-

  1. Generate Linear and 2D barcode images for inventory management.
  2. Inbuilt Email Feature facilitates to send generated barcode images via Emails.
  3. Advance Printing option facilitates to generate multiple copies of same barcode image in same paper sheet.
  4. Provide various card designing shapes like rectangle, rounded rectangle and ellipse to customize Barcode labels.
  5. Support Advance drawing tools like custom images, text, lines etc for customizing barcode images.
  6. Provide Pre-Define label stock to generate multiple copies of barcode as per your demand.
  7. Provide Batch Processing Feature that enables to produce bulk amount of barcode labels.
  8. Provide option to import created barcode images to Windows Program like MS-Word, Paint, MS-Excel etc.
  9. Store barcode images in wide range of Image File Formats Including jpg, jpeg, tiff, gif, png etc.
  10. Allow users to copy and paste generated barcode at Windows Clipboard.
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