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Generator Associates = THE specialists in Generator & UPS Sales, Hire, Lease, Installation, Service and Fuel Management. From Diesel, Petrol, Bio Fuel, Gas & CHP Generators - we can offer a wide range of options, solving your power supply problems and saving you time and money. 

If your power fails, your business fails. With over 20 years experience we supply, hire, install, service and provide finance agreements for a full range of generators & UPS from a portable 10kVA to a fully containerised 6500kVA.

We supply from the top manufacturers including CumminsFG Wilson, Olympian, Volvo, Perkins and GenAss. We offer a range of generator sizes from 10 to 3000kVA in individual units. We provide a complete solution & can take on entire projects, offering Project Management services, Consultancy and Planning Application assistance.. We provide all ancillaries & are nationwide.

Generators and UPS - Sales, Supply, Hire & Lease

By forging strong relationships with a range of international manufacturers, Generator Associates are able to supply a range of diesel and gas generators for prime power operation, as well as standby or emergency backup power. With our expertise and supplier base we are able to offer bespoke generators in specialised acoustic containers as well as off the shelf generators and UPS systems.

Our generator and UPS solutions help organisations achieve smooth and efficient operations, by ensuring no failure by external power providers can damage their profitability or reputation. We work with a number of industries including Retail, Local Authority, Police Authority, Fire Service, Data Centres, Manufacturing Plants, Digital Media, Military, Trading Floors, Theatre, Construction, Aviation, Water Board and Engineering to name but a few.

Generators and UPS - Sales, Supply, Hire & Lease

Generator Hire & Rental - 50Hz & 60Hz

Generator Associates, offer a comprehensive fleet of modern fuel-efficient, portable silenced generators, for short and long term generator hire and rental throughout the UK. We offer Generator Hire from 10kVA - 1250kVA in individual units for rental, alongwith a wide range of ancillaries such as cable and distribution, fuel tanks, trailers, and ATS panels.

As a valued add on to generator hire, we also provide installation services and full service & maintenance contracts. The generator hire and service depots are located throughout the UK, to best serve all Northern, Central and Southern regions.

The flexibility of the systems which include synchronous sets, means Generator Associates can supply generator solutions of all sizes and designs, from single site backup or mains power, to multi-megawatt power for large facilities.

•Diesel generators, ranging from 10kVA canpoied sets to 1.25MVA singular containerised sets
•Multi-Megawatt power from synchronising multiple suitable sized generators
•Super silent generators for low-noise applications such as residential locations or film sets
•Generator hire ancillaries including distribution, cables, fuel tanks, transfer panels
•24/7 emergency call out facility

Generator Hire & Rental - 50Hz & 60Hz

Bespoke Generator Containers

Generator Associates not only offer a range of standard generators and UPS systems, but also custom made
containerised generators. Our manufacturers are able to design and build bespoke acoustic and waterproof canopies and containers for almost every diesel or gas generator.

When clients require a specific sound level, or a generator which will be suitable for use in dusty or low temperature environments, we are able to design and build the solution. These containers are ideal for harsh environments whilst providing excellent security and acoustic performance.

•All structural steel is shot blasted and primed
•Structural mild steel and corrugated sheet steel construction
•Paint system with excellent corrosion protection
•Meet EU legislation 2000/14 EC
•Custom made options for louvers and attenuators
•Customised industrial exhaust options

We can offer these solutions for clients to purchase outright, or alternatively have on a Lease Agreement (subject to acceptance).

Bespoke Generator Containers

Cogeneration & Combined Heat and Power (CHP)

Generator Associates are delighted to offer a range of CHP generators. These are basically efficient on–site power systems that produce electric power and thermal energy for heat, steam or air conditioning whilst reducing greenhouse gases.

Sometimes referred to as Cogeneration, combined heat and power (CHP), is the production of two types of energy – usually electricity and heat – from a single fuel such as diesel or natural gas. It normally comprises of a reciprocating–engine generator that will produce electricity and a heat–recovery system which captures the waste heat from the engine’s exhaust and cooling system.

By capturing and using the waste heat, these systems consume only 50 percent of the fuel burned by a central power station to provide an equivalent amount of energy. Since greenhouse gas emissions are directly related to the amount of fuel burned, CO2 production is also cut in half. This is a great environmental as well as financial benefit to the end user.

We can offer CHP systems from as small as 30 kW to more than 100 MW. By making continuous use of both electricity and thermal energy, customers can save up to 35 percent on overall energy costs. We can offer Finance Lease on these types of systems making them increasingly popular.

Other benefits include:

•Improved reliability of your electric supply since you are in control of your own power
•Eligibility for CHP tax credits
•Eligibility for “carbon credits” for reduced CO2 emissions

Contact us today to find out more.

Cogeneration & Combined Heat and Power (CHP)

Uninterruptible Power Supply

Generator Associates are able to advise, supply and install higth efficiency UPS systems from 1kVA up to 1MVA. We can offer full turnkey solutions, electrical installation, delivery, positioning and service.  We can offer these UPS systems are part of your generator and stand-by power solution, or as stand alone products. 

A  UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) solution is different from a generator solution in terms of emegency power, in that it can provide instantaneous or near-instantaneous power by means of one or more attached batteries and associated electronic circuitry.  Whereas sometimes a generator can take up to 30 seconds to provide the required level of power. By combining a UPS and Generator solution, you have the best possible backup emergency power solution.

The UPS systems we supply are high end yet competitive. With service agents across Europe, these UPS systems offer an unparalleled level of quality and service.  You always hope you will never have to use your backup power supply, but when you do, you want it to work!

There are a number of types of UPS to choose from, Line-Interactive, Off-Line, On-Line, Digital On-Line, but they all serve the purpose of protecting your system from crashing in the event of a power failure. Deciding which technology is right can be a difficult task. That is why we are here. Our experts will provide an assessment and then advise on the best solutions for your individual needs.

Part of the range is the ECO UPS which reduces cost of ownership.  A double conversion ECO UPS, when compared to traditional six and twelve pulse machines, offers a typical efficiency advantage of more than 10%. Further, the ECO UPS remains efficient at low loads, a great advantage over competitors products.

Uninterruptible Power Supply

Generator & UPS Installation

As a Complete Solutions Provider - we not only Sell, Hire, and Lease Generators & UPS systems, we offer full Generator & UPS installation services. 

We can offer full system design, supply, installation and maintenance, including project management, consultancy and fuel management. Our team of qualified electricians and engineers work closely with our sales team and the client to ensure the project runs smoothly. We can install the generator and UPS system both mechanically and electrically, as well as fuel tanks, fuel lines, MDU's, air conditioning, sound attenuation and security compounds.

Generator & UPS Installation


Generator Associates not only offer open or canopied generators, but also a range of security enclosures which can be fitted with a range of generator sizes.  The GenAss VSAFE are excellent options when security is a concern, with the generator, integral fuel tank, distribution board etc all being inside the security container. We recently supplied one of these to one of the UK's largest Sofa retailers.

  • ISO Style silent generator containers
  • Personal excel recess door fitted with recess hinges
  • Dead bolt anti candal device
  • Standard key lock outside, with a hand locking device inside the container
  • Sockets, distribution board, integral fuel tank and lighting located within the securiy container
  • Fitted with galvanised air inlet and out let louvers
  • Bunded floor and seamed welded to prevent leakage of fuel/oil to the environment

Industrial Bunded GenAss Fuel Tanks

GenAss steel bunded fuel tanks are the answer to the ever increasing legislation regarding storage and transportation of fuels, as well as ongoing security considerations.   

What Are GenAss Bunded Fuel Tanks:
  • GenAss bunded tanks are crafted using high grade mild steel & then hot dipped galvanised to prevent rust. The inner tank stores the fuel, whilst the outer tank provides a safety storage area in the unlikely event that the internal tank leaks.
  • All seams are robot welded to exacting standards. The tank can be lifted via 4 lifting eyes, or forklifted from any side, making them ideal for fuel storage.
  • GenAss bunded tanks have an easy to remove steel inner tank to enable maintenance and inspection.

These tanks offer high quality fuel storage at competitive prices. They are ADR, PPG2 (Pollution Protection Guidelines) compliant and UN approved, and with their 3 year warranty and fantastic design, you won't want for more.

Here at Generator Associates  we try and provide the entire solution for you, saving you time and money.

Industrial Bunded GenAss Fuel Tanks

Generator Fuel Management - Peace of Mind

We aim to provide a complete service for our clients throughout the UK, from which you can pick and choose elements to suit your requirements. Should a business or organisation run out of fuel or diesel for their generator or boiler there would be far reaching impacts on reputation and revenue.

By choosing Generator Associates to provide fuel management, we can ensure your organisation continues to work efficiently at the same time as eliminating any stress for you the customer. We don't just rely on computerised systems to tell us when your generator needs refuelling, but use our experience and expertise to ensure smooth running operations.

With depots throughout the UK, we can offer a competiviely priced, fast and reliable fuel management service. We can arrange for regular scheduled fuel deliveries, but have the flexibility to respond to last minute requirements also.

Generator Fuel Management - Peace of Mind

Generator Associates - The Power Generation Specialists

For those of you who just want a solution, call or email us now and we will provide a free assessment of your power supply problem and suggest the most beneficial generator & UPS solution for you.

Here at Generator Associates we do it all...

Generator Associates - The Power Generation Specialists

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