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GenSys design and install a comprehensive range of self contained gas generation for NITROGEN and OXYGEN applications.

Utilising the latest PSA* technology enables gas purities up to:

- 99.999% for Nitrogen
- 95% for Oxygen.

If your current supply of Industrial Gases is by Liquid Gas (LIN / LOX) with storage tanks or by high pressure cylinders, GenSys can offer real cost effective alternative.

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Oil Regeneration

Gensys has the best oil cleaner equipment available in the market.

Our oil cleaners have a unique ability to remove contamination from lubricants and hydraulic oils, on site.

The patented oil filter has unique abilities to remove particles, water, natriumchloride, and varnish.

All the filter units from Gensys have a efficient particle removal ability to 0.1 micron.

Our filters are used to maintain the properties of lubricants, hydraulic oils while full flow filters provide component protection.
Our oil cleaners are easy to assemble, use and operate.
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Oil Regeneration

Compressed Air - MONITORING

Monitoring the performance of your compressed air system is essential for achieving maximum efficiency.

Gensys offer a range of professional services to ensure your Air system is in peak condition without loss of valuable energy or pressure.

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Compressed Air - MONITORING

Compressed Air - CONTROL

Effective control of an air system is essential to maintain maximum production whilst minimising the use of energy.

At Gensys we understand the need to incorporate an efficient yet simple plant control to maximise performance and minimise
costs and downtime.

Compressed Air - CONTROL

Compressed Air - AIR QUALITY

Malfunction of pneumatically operated plant and equipment is commonly attributed to poor air quality.

Compressed air contains a cocktail of particulates and corrosive molecules which can be highly destructive when they make contact with precision parts or seals causing costly downtime.

Understanding how to eliminate these contaminants is the start, maintaining a healthy system is essential.

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Compressed Air - AIR QUALITY

Energy Recovery

GenSys design and install a comprehensive range of energy saving devices to SAVE MONEY.

We specialise in energy recovery from Air Compressors which can be used in a wide variety of applications.All of our energy recovery packages can be used with all makes of lubricated rotary screw compressors.

The applications where this valuable energy can be used is

  • Hot Water

  • Boiler Pre-Heat

  • Space Heating

  • Cleaning & Sterilisation

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Energy Recovery


Gensys specialise in automated handling systems and have access to key robotic manufacturers.

Our unique expertise and background in compressed air and vacuum enable Gensys to provide a cost effective and reliable systems to suit your specific needs.

We engage some of the leading Robot manufacturers from around the world.

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Vacuum Systems

Gensys is positioned to deliver integrated vacuum systems to meet your specific needs.

We can take your requirements, even in concept form, and generate realistic engineering specifications to translate your needs into an achievable design.

We have over 35 years expertise in all aspects of vacuum system design - from pumping and measurement to flexible control systems.

As you would expect, our expertise in vacuum systems is backed by our extensive portfolio of vacuum components.

Vacuum Systems

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