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Geoffrey Waldmeyer Associates Ltd can offer a comprehensive selection of asset labels to meet your requirements and they are printed to specification using the highest quality print process and equipment.

Asset labels, asset tags and seals that we can offer include:

  • Security labels
  • Tamper resistant
  • Foil laminated
  • Laser etched




Security Seals

We can offer a wide range of security seals and security tags to the industry. Surface mounted security seals are ideal for providing evidence if the seal has been tampered with or if it is opened. All security seals can be customised to your specifications and discounts can be applied for larger quantities

Security seals we can offer include:

  • Universal Application Seal
  • Universal "Non-residue" Seal
  • Secure Cargo Transit Seal
  • Multi Purpose Seal
  • Tamper Resistant Asset/Security labels - used as a seal
Security Seals

Security Tags

Security tags and asset tags are available from us and come in a wide variety to order. Security tags can be customised with different colours and are ideal for providing evidence if opened.

Security tags are suitable for industries and applications like the meat industry, chemical containers, grain silos, airline trolleys, emergency doors, ATM cassettes and others.

To discuss pricing and quantities for security tags, please contact us and we would be more than happy to help.

Security Tags

Metal Security Seals

Metal security seals are designed to pass through 2 or more apertures and can provide evidence if opened. Metal security seals are ideal for transport in general like to seal container tanks.

We also offer security bolt seals designed for Intermodal container applications, comprising of a steel bolt and metal locking chamber with a coloured identifying body. Requires bolt cutters for removal.

Metal Security Seals

Security Marking

We supply a variety of cost-effective security marking systems for the home and business which effectively marks your property making it difficult for criminals to sell your goods as they stand a risk of getting caught with stolen goods.

Security marking equipment we offer include:

  • permanent u.v. marker pen
  • Permanent Ink Marker
  • Presentation Wallet Marking Kit
  • Standard Tamper Proof Labels
Security Marking

Tamper Evident Envelopes and Bags

Geoffrey Waldmeyer Associates Ltd can provide tamper evident envelopes and bags for use when an item needs to be transported, protected or stored in a secured environment.

Tamper evident envelopes and bags can be provided sequentially numbered which offers full traceability and are tamper evident to all known methods of tampering including extreme heat and cold and mechanical manipulation.

Tamper Evident Envelopes and Bags

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