George Culley


George Culley is an experienced company who can supply you with a wide range of draught excluders that comply with the 1997 BS7386 specifications. Our high performance draught excluders can help with dust and soundproofing. We are happy to work on any size project and can assist you with prototype work and quotes.

Rubber Extrusions

We stock a selection of rubber extrusions in a variety of shapes and sizes. We offer high-quality rubber extrusions for both small and large runs. 

Rubber Sponge Extrusions

Our rubber sponge extrusions are available in a range of high-quality materials, including rubber, EPDM, neoprene and silicone. Our rubber sponge extrusions can be moulded in all shapes and sizes and can be moulded to fit corners.

Door Seals

We design and manufacture a variety of door seals and related products. For more information on our door seals, please visit our website.

Window Sealing

Please visit our website for details on our production of window seals. Helping to protect your windows from daught and cold, our window seals are great way to save on your energy costs.

Thehairyworm Range of Product Excluders

Thehairyworm is a range of easy to apply adhesive fixed or mechanical fixed draught excluders and weather strips to draught proof any compression or wiping action draught proofing problem in doors or windows.


Including self adhesive fixed brush pile seals, extruded foam seals, mechanically applied brush strip or rubber insert draught excluders. A range capable of sealing 2.50 - 150 mm

Rubber Moulds

We manufacture rubber moulds suitable for sleeves, bellows, key-pads, tubes, sweet and food moulds, grommets, washers, O-rings, caps and bungs. Our rubber mould products include gearbox sleeves, gators, feet, hand tool handles, grips, covers and sleeves.

Brush Strips

We stock a wide range of brush strips with trim outs from 3mm to 300mm. Our brush strips are suitable for dust control, noise reduction, garage doors, boats, cabinets and sealing all types of windows and doors.

Polypropylene Brush Pile Seals

We offer a over 100 different sizes of polypropylene brush pile seals available straight off the shelf. To complement the polypropylene brush pile seals , we have extruded PVC and aluminium holders available.

Plastic Extrusions

We source and stock many different plastic extrusions in a wide range of sizes. Our plastic extrusions are available in a selection of colours and materials to suit your requirements.

Silicone Extruded Tube

Our silicone extruded tube is available in any size and colour. The silicone extruded tube can be plain or ribbed, inside or outside. We also offer medical grades and reinforced tubes.

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