Geotech is a UK based manufacturer supplying of a range of gas analysis and environmental monitoring equipment across the globe. 

Our established portfolio includes a range of ATEX certified portable landfill gas and biogas analysers, such as the GA5000 and BIOGAS 5000, both renowned for their reliability and robust gas analysis technology. 

For small operations wishing to monitor methane only, we have our new fixed methane monitor, the BIOGAS 300, designed for reduced scale Anaerobic Digestion plants, from agricultural to food waste typical applications. 

Geotech also supports the medical industry; we specifically designed our market leading CO2 analyser, the G100, to monitor CO2 for the verification of incubators.

GA5000 portable gas analyser

The Geotech GA5000 is a landfill and contaminated land portable gas analyser, with available gas measurements of CH4, CO2, O2, H2S and CO. It is easy to use and calibrate, benefiting from our market leading reliability and helping you to standardise monitoring routines, whilst supporting environmental legislation compliance.


Landfill perimeter monitoring
Landfill gas field management
Gas flaring

Key features

  • Measures % CH4 CO2 and O2
  • CH4 and CO2 accuracy +/-0.5% after calibration
  • Modular and upgradeable
  • On board context-sensitive help
  • Choice of user settings
  • ATEX, IECEx, MCERTS, CSA and UKAS calibration (ISO17025) certified
  • Additional Gas Analyser Manager software for data download available
  • Optional accessories including ATEX certified anemometer
  • Choices of borehole gas flow measurement; GPS / field navigator
  • Optional additional gases (H2S up to 10000ppm and H2 compensate)


  • Easy transfer of data
  • Easy to use and calibrate
  • Supports environmental legislation compliance
  • Market leading reliability
  • Standardises monitoring routines

GEM5000 portable gas extraction monitor

The GEM5000 landfill gas extraction monitor for measuring CH4, CO2 and O2. It's an easy to use analyser designed to aid balancing the gas field, maximise power output and ultimately maximise revenue from CH4 extraction.


Gas flaring
Landfill gas field management

Key features

  • Measures % CH4 CO2 and O2
  • CH4 and CO2 accuracy +/-0.5% after calibration
  • Modular and upgradeable
  • On board context-sensitive help
  • Minimum O2 gas recorded
  • Records static and differential pressure
  • See here for a list of all the new features
  • Choice of user settings
  • ATEX, IECEx, MCERTS, CSA and UKAS calibration (ISO17025) certified


  • Additional Gas Analyser Manager software for data download
  • Optional accessories including ATEX certified anemometer

BIOGAS 5000 portable biogas analyser

For accurate gas monitoring within biogas applications, the BIOGAS 5000 is easy to use, calibrate and configure. The analyser enables the user to collect consistent data for improved analysis and accurate reporting, whilst helping to check the digester process is running efficiently.

Key features

  • Robust design: Reliable, high quality design fit for the most hazardous AD sites
  • Gases measured: CH4 (0-100%); CO2 (0-100%); O2 (0-25%)
  • Optional extra gases: H2 (0-1000ppm); NH3 (0-1000ppm); H2S (0-50, 200, 500, 1,000, 5,000 or 10,000ppm)
  • Multilingual menu: English , French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Chinese
  • Warranty: 3 years free
  • Accreditation: ATEX; MCERTS; CSA; UKAS Calibration (ISO17025)
  • Additional extras: Pitot tube for flow measurement; ATEX Anemometer & ATEX Temperature probe for flow measurement


  • Guarantees quality analysis and reporting: supports your analysis by providing consistent and reliable collection of data
  • No need for self-certification of anemometer: certified analyser validates results
  • Boasts Geotech's 'best in class' infra-red bench technology
  • Adheres to strict PPC compliance
  • Geotech configures the BIOGAS 5000 specifically for your company's unique specification
  • Supports the efficiency of your digestion process: provides you with insight so you can change gas levels for optimum performance
  • Provides peace of mind that your desulpherisation process is working correctly by measuring pre and post desulpherisation levels
  • Enables you to monitor how efficiently your engine is working and its life expectancy by monitoring sulphur levels

Landfill and biogas

With top reliability and support, Geotech's fixed gas analysers and portable biogas analysers are used throughout the globe to help AD businesses to optimise their AD process and minimise CHP engine downtime.


Biogas analysis can help optimise digester operation and maximise methane production.  It assists process control, which can help protect CHP engines from H2S and moisture damage.  As a result, it ensures that methane is produced effciently, ultimately generating revenue.


We have over 30 years' experience of monitoring gases and liquids on landfill sites, working closely with businesses to offer reliable and sophisticated gas analysers, gas monitoring systems and data management software.

Our fixed gas analysis systems and portable landfill gas analysers are designed to ensure users comply withstringent legislation and safety standards, as well as helping to optimise the exploitation of energy potential on landfill sites. 

CO2 monitoring

Incubator verification

Our portable carbon dioxide monitors are used in incubator laboratories for the verification of IVF and within stem cell research.  Incubators need to run at a constant temperature, humidity and CO2 level to maintain the correct conditions for optimum cell growth, embryo cultures and IVF.  Whilst incubators have a built-in system for monitoring CO2, portable CO2 analysers quickly and accurately confirm the CO2, O2, humidity and temperature levels.

Indoor air quality; Border control; Food processing

Our carbon dioxide analysers are also used to monitor indoor air quality.  Any significant increase over time in the background level of CO2 in air can cause issues with staff working within buildings (sick building syndrome).  It is therefore important to monitor levels of indoor CO2, as well as maintaining appropriate levels of O2, temperature and humidity.  Our analysers are also used to monitor carbon dioxide for food processing, composting and border control - checking for CO2 inside vehicles could indicate if they are carrying stowaways.


Medical gas monitoring

Geotech have a range of equipment for medical gas monitoring. Their medical gas monitoring equipment cleverly measures the average levels of anaesthetic gas, specifically nitrous oxide and oxygen.

They also have medical gas equipment that can detect and raise awareness of carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide.

Land remediation

Geotech have a range of land remediation equipment to deal with contamination. Contamination can arise from fuel spills and fuel tank or chemical plant leaks.

Their land remediation products can monitor gas and water to detect and identify contamination. They also have land remediation products for the treatment of the contaminated liquid.

Coal mine methane

Geotech has developed gas monitoring products for the detection of coal mine methane.

Their equipment optimises the power generation from natural gases released during mining process whilst monitoring coal mine methane.

Environmental markets

Geotech are based in the UK and has been developing, manufacturing and supporting gas monitoring equipment for decades for a range of environmental markets.

They are a leading global supplier of MCERTS and ATEX certified portable and fixed gas analysers. Their portfolio is complimented with ATEX certified water and leachate level control pumps and dipmeters

Geotech instruments are supplied to environmental markets worldwide, including:

  • Landfill gas - Compliance.
  • Waste to energy - Gas extraction efficiency.
  • Biogas - Anaerobic digester process control.
  • Methane recovery CDM projects - remote monitoring.
  • CO2 Marine - Diving gas quality verification and Hyperbaric monitors for use in submarines.
  • CO2 Incubators - Verification of incubators. 
  • N2O Medical - Piped gas verification and personal exposure limits.

Technical support

Geotech offers a technical support to all our customers. They will support through on-site demonstrations and field trials. They will provide technical support during the sale of their products to ensure their customers receive the perfect product for their application.

Their technical support services include training and servicing. This guarantees their customers' equipment is working to its full potential.

International supplier

Geotech are international gas suppliers. They have established a network of distributors overseas who they work closely with to supply and support international Geotech equipment users.

As an international gas supplier they strive to produce high quality local support services and provide easy access to their product range for our overseas customers. 

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