Get It Made Ltd


Here at Get It Made we do exactly that – get difficult to find, bespoke parts made for you, however intricate and complicated they are. All manufacturing is subcontracted not only to the UK but globally, ensuring we quote the best price for your parts, wherever they are manufactured.

Precision CNC Machining

Take the time and effort out of finding intricate component parts by contacting us at Get It Made for a quote. We liaise with state of the art precision CNC machining companies around the world to ensure a competitive price however convoluted the request. Whether you need one part or a thousand, made in:

  • Steel
  • Plastic
  • Aluminium
  • any other material

we can help and because we send your RFQ to many precision CNC machining factories you can be sure we will return the best rate.

Low Volume CNC Milling

At Get It Made we liaise with our trusted supply chain partners to ensure that we always offer competitively priced solutions to meet your industrial manufacturing needs. The combination of cutting edge technology and multi-axis machinery means that whether you need one or 10,000 parts we have a factory who can help. Our global subcontractors have a vast range of industrial manufacturing skills including:

CNC Turning

Our factories employ the most up to date CAM technology, which is used in conjunction with their CNC turning machines to ensure that only the most accurate parts are produced to meet your RFQ. The speed and flexibility of precision CNC turning means that any quantity of parts can be provided in various materials including steel, plastic, aluminium and nylon but please ask us if you require a part manufactured in something else - we can help.

Manufacturing Partners

Take the stress out of getting the parts you need made by speaking to us at Get It Made. Our business is to act as your dynamic purchasing manager and, because our key manufacturing partners are global, you can be sure of the most competitive quote every time.

The relationship we have with our key manufacturing partners has been established over several years, ensuring that you’ll receive a superior quality, excellent value product every time. Through us you gain access to companies with the expertise, knowledge and machinery to be able to create the parts you require, regardless of quantity.

Global Supply Chain

Not sure where to start looking to have complicated or detailed parts made? At Get It Made we specialise in the provision of bespoke manufacturing for industry, all jobs are subcontracted and we manage them on your behalf, taking away the worry for you. Our global supply chain, established over many years, consists of companies who are experts in all aspects of precision CNC machining and able to produce one item or large batches - speak to us to discuss your requirements.

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