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GEV Catering Spares Ltd is a major wholesaler of catering spares in the UK. We constantly stock 50,000 catering spare parts for over 300 brands of catering equipment. We offer an unmatched service in terms of parts identification and product support.

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Spare Parts for Cooking Equipment

We stock a great assortment of spare parts for cooking equipment from a number of manufacturers. All our spare parts for cooking equipment are listed by manufacturer in alphabetical order.

Spare Parts for Cooking Equipment

Dishwasher Spares

Our dishwasher spares collection involves a really comprehensive range of pre-rinse units and taps to cover all requirements and budget levels. We also stock glass washer baskets in our dishwasher spares range using only the best materials and components under strict quality control.

Dishwasher Spares

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Custom-Made Heating Elements

We can offer over 3,000 different custom-made heating elements available to search in detail. Custom-made heating elements will include ware washing and cooking equipment. We have both common and uncommon models to hand.

Custom-Made Heating Elements

Food Preparation Equipment

GEV Catering Spares provides food preparation equipment to a high quality standard and availability.

Examples of our food preparation equipment range include spare parts for:

  • Bar blenders
  • Band saws
  • Blenders
  • Salad spinners
  • Pizza presses
Food Preparation Equipment

Coffee Machine Parts

Sorted according to manufacturers and models, coffee machine parts can easily be obtained via our coffee catalogue. It provides you with numerous detailed drawings and a section for universal parts and accessories.

We have coffee machine parts for:

  • Espresso Machines
  • Coffee Grinders
  • Coffee Brewers
  • Automatic Coffee Machines
Coffee Machine Parts

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