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Gill’s range of non-contact position sensors use induction technology to accurately detect the position of a metallic target, referred to as the ‘activator’, which is mounted to or machined into the moving part of the application.

The sensors have no moving parts with a constant air gap between the sensor and moving part, offering excellent long-term reliability even in the most harsh of environments.

Products by Movement Type:



Liquid Level Sensors

Gill is widely acknowledged as the world leaders in capacitive liquid level sensing technology. Gill has a range of standard products that are built to the customer’s length/tank depth requirement and can produce bespoke sensors for specialist applications on very short lead times.

Gill liquid level sensors are used in applications from Formula 1 cars to lightweight unmanned aircraft, and in other applications subject to extremes of temperature and vibration requiring very accurate, reliable liquid level data.

Liquid Level Sensor Options:

  • R-Series – standard design with SAE 5-bolt mount, built to your length requirement
  • M-Series – fully custom designed sensors built to your exact requirement
Liquid Level Sensors

Ultrasonic Flow Sensors

Gill has a vast history with ultrasonic flow measurement of liquids and gases, typically producing bespoke specialist flow sensors for precision applications within motorsport, automotive, medical/healthcare and industrial markets.

The Gill ultrasonic fuel flow sensor was introduced in 2012 specifically to monitor fuel usage in motorsport applications. A comprehensive car and dyno test program has been undertaken, with the product now available for purchase.

Other products designed by Gill include a mass airflow sensor, ultrasonic oil flow sensor, micro flow meter and medical respiratory flow sensor.


Ultrasonic Flow Sensors

Speed Sensors

Gill speed sensors use dual element hall effect technology to detect the speed of a rotating toothed ferrous metal target wheel. The sensors are proven in high temperature military, motorsport and industrial applications and are suitable for gearbox or wheel speed sensing.

The unique internal construction and sealing methods allow the sensors to be fully submerged in high temperature (150ºC) oil without reduction in performance.

In addition to standard speed sensor designs we can design fully custom constructions for like-for-like replacement of unreliable or obsolete OEM parts.


Speed Sensors

Oil Condition / Quality Sensors

The Gill oil debris sensor has been designed to detect the quantity and type of metallic debris build-up within engine and transmission applications. The sensor is a dual channel device, with one channel detecting fine debris build-up (normal wear) and the other detecting large particle build-up (often the result of a mechanical failure).

The sensor can be used up to 150ºC with remote processing electronics. Significantly, this product allows engineers to both identify application service requirements and also take immediate action should a potential mechanical failure within the system be detected.

For more information click: Oil Debris Sensor

Oil Condition / Quality Sensors
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