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At GK Services, we specialise in manufacturing cable harnesses and cable assembly solutions. Trading since 1981, we have gained a wealth of experience and knowledge to provide a wide variety of market sectors with high quality products and expertise.

Having forged strong relationships with leading specialist connector manufacturers such as Deutsch, Souriau and Bulgin at GK Services, we hold an extensive range of tooling products and boast manufacturing facilities worldwide.

Overmoulded and Waterproof Connectors

In the complete range of overmoulded cables, we supply many products from leading brands all designed to meet IP ratings. Due to the conditions in marine, medical and military markets, overmoulded cables are specifically designed with waterproof connectors and come with many optional re-wireable solutions.

Overmoulding is often used to make a product original or aesthetically pleasing although the performance and security of a connector is also naturally enhanced by the process.

Overmoulded and Waterproof Connectors


Souriau design and manufacture connectors for a wide scope of industries including the following:

  • Instrumentation and measure
  • Special vehicles
  • Machines and machine tools
  • Robotics and industrial automation
  • Renewable energies
  • Lighting
  • Aerospace
  • Defence and navy

Promoting the best of cutting-edge technology, Souriau connectors cater for many design engineers’ requirements with an excellent product range.


Bulgin Connectors

We supply a full range of IP68 rated environmentally sealed circular connectors from Bulgin designed to provide safe and secure connections in hostile conditions. In addition to overmoulded cable assemblies for full weather resistance, we also provide several multi-pole ranges from Bulgin each having in-line flex cable connector, flex cable connector and panel mounting connector options.

These ranges include the following series:

  • Miniature 400 Series
  • Mini
  • Standard
  • The 900 Series
Bulgin Connectors

Deutsch Connectors

Connectors from Deutsch are specifically designed to withstand harsh marine environments where heat, dust, chemicals or moisture threatens. We also hold many Deutsch overmoulded cable assemblies with full weather resistance.

Deutsch Connectors
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