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GKN are a specialist propshaft manufacturer and we understand the essential qualities make up quality propshafts include strength, stiffness, precision balance and low mass.

These propshaft properties make up durable propshafts with the minimum levels of Noise Vibration Harshness (NVH). We understand propshafts need to be capable of coping with extreme conditions and we have the capability and innovation to manufacture crash optimised propshafts.


GKN designs, develops and manufactures driveshaft components and systems for the automotive industry. We also manufacture components for special vehicles and industrial applications.

GKN Powertrain systems and services have a unique ability to provide solutions for special vehicles. We have developed bespoke driveshaft solutions for all conditions of torque, speed, angle and environment.


Uni-Cardan Service

We have a Uni-Cardan Service for industrial applications. This service is all about assembling and repairing propshafts and related items with the original components. This is a must in regards to the items quality and safety.

As part if our Uni-Cardan Service we know that using the original spare parts will give you many benefits:

  • Fewer risks
  • More reliability
  • Fewer warranty replacements
  • Improved driving performance due to less vibration
  • Enhanced cost efficiency

Our Uni-Cardan Service team are specialists in the repair of propshafts.

Uni-Cardan Service

QE Quality

QE Quality - Uni-Cardan Service

When you are selecting a propshaft or driveshaft, always look for the QE Quality sign. If you see this sign then you know the shaft is built or repaired in line with the Uni-Cardan standard.

QE Quality

GKN Motorsport

GKN Motorsport has the quality driveline components to match the harsh needs that the driver puts on the vehicle.

The driveline is one of the most important parts of the vehicle and our extensive GKN Motorsport product range includes:

  • Steel propshafts with high performing universal joints and high speed CV joints
  • Super lightweight material and hollow barshafts with rolled splines
  • Wheel hubs in titanium
  • Uprated tripod joints
  • Easy motion plunging CV joints

If you are looking for a superior product that will meet your demanding standards, GKN Motorsport will help.

GKN Motorsport

GKN Services

GKN are a global engineering company mainly involved in the automotive, aerospace, industrial and off-highway markets. GKN employ over 38,500 people in joint ventures and subsidiaries and have operations in more than 30 countries.

GKN services include:

  • GKN Land Systems including power management and high performance structures
  • GKN Powertrain Systems and Services is part of GKN Land Systems and repair, maintain and build drivelines. As part of GKN services, we can provide components and systems for the military, marine, agricultural, construction, automotive and alternative energy industries.
GKN Services

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