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Glencall International  are suppliers of letterboxes for mounting onto walls, building into walls, for brick pillars and piers . We also supply the Safepost range of letter boxes from Sweden which includes a large freestanding Parcel box which is self locking use. Most of our letter boxes can be personalised with names or numbers in a wide range of fonts and colours see link for more info below;company names

We are also suppliers of multiple occupancy letter boxes for flats and offices, see our web site for the wide range of options from wall mounting, glass panel options, freestanding and individuals;

We are members of the Safebuy Web code of practice see here for references. We accept orders on our web site or by telephone 01592 840853: All our prices include delivery mainland UK so no hidden extra charges

We supply to individuals and Companies; We can also accept purchase orders from Schools and Local Authorities 

Letter Boxes Wall Mounting - Large Volume

We stock a wide range of post boxes for mounting onto walls suitable for A4 letters and newspapers, models we stock are Brabantia post boxes, DAD UK letter box range, and Burg Wachter, Biggi, and Safepost We also stock a wide range of STAINLESS STEEL POST BOXES

Post boxes for wall VALUE RANGE - A wide choice of value post boxes in a variety of styles and colours , best sellers include our SATURN POST BOX which can be personalised with lettering

Freestanding Postboxes

Ideal for a situation where you need a stand alone post box . Takes more mail than the conventional onto wall post boxes and comes with either front delivery and retrieval or rear delivery and retrieval options

Safepost Range of Mail Boxes and Parcel Boxes

Postal Boxes from Sweden; Large volume can take parcels, newspapers and most large packages; The Safepost range also includes a PARCEL BOX which has a self locking door for easy delivery of mail order packages which then safely locks but still leaving the top part free for any letters or other mail; A full onto and into wall range of boxes in a wide choice of colours and designs- personalised lettering can be applied to these boxes at no extra cost Safepost also do a WALL MOUNT OPTION

American-Style Letterboxes

US style post boxes with red flag; Large volume can come complete with fixings for wall or post mounting; Easy to fit and suitable for large packages and newspapers; Galvanised steel or aluminium versions are available; One of our most popular and durable styles; Personalise with your own name - makes an ideal gift

UK Foundry-Made Letter Box Range

Foundry made quality galvanised steel post boxes made in the UK, we have two ranges available the Lettasafe Kingsbury/Bloomsbury Range and the Artisan hand painted range , both models are suitable for mounting onto walls and also for building into walls pillars and piers

Letterboxes for Building into Walls and Pillars

Letter plates, Letter Chutes in straight through or telescopic styles For building into walls, multiple occupancy options also available for flats and offices

Mail Box Range for Gates and Railings, Wooden or Metal

Chelsea Lettasafe post box and RAILEX  letter box for mounting into gates and railings; Both foundry boxes made in the Uk for a quality product

Multiple Occupancy Post Boxes

Distributors for the DAD UK Range of multiple occupancy postboxes, options available for building into walls, mounting into glass or aluminium panels and for mounting onto walls - available in powder coated galvanised steel or stainless steel options; Apply for a quote online or you can contact us by telephone We also have a wide range of individual post boxes which can be mounted in banks individually - this latter option can have the option of vinyl lettering applied

House Signs and Letters

Granite, Slate, UPVC, and French style house signs in a wide variety of colours and choices to suit any taste

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