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At Global Heat Transfer, we specialise in the supply of a wide range of thermal fluids and planned preventative maintenance for all types of heat transfer systems. Our close working relationships with the major oil companies and thermal fluid manufacturers enable us to stock and supply all brands, in quantities from 208 litre barrels to 1000 litre IBC containers and bulk tankers.

We take pride in our testing, sampling and analysis protocols of thermal fluids and oils. With a focus on customer monitoring and safety, we provide a 24-hour rapid response team to meet your needs.

We can restock for you, or, if the situation requires, provide an experienced engineering team 'on the spot' to analyse and respond accordingly to emergencies, critical situations or planned shutdowns. We provide a rapid response for thermal fluid supplies. We have products available for immediate dispatch for most applications.

Heat Transfer Fluid

Our complete solution for heat transfer fluids includes:
  • Thermal fluid testing and analysis - representative hot, closed samples are taken by our qualified engineers who have been working with thermal fluid systems since 1992. The sample is fully analysed and the results are interpreted to identify system trends and produce accurate performance reports to ensure your system is operating to its maximum capacity and efficiency.
  • Thermal fluid supply - stockists of mineral, synthetic and food grade oils plus detergent and solvent based flushing and cleaning products. Global Oil Company provide a unique range of premium quality thermal fluids, custom made for specific heat transfer requirements alongside major brands including; Dowtherm, Paratherm, Therminol, Duratherm and BP.
Heat Transfer Fluid

Thermal Oils

Global Heat Transfer specialise in the supply of thermal fluids, thermal oils and planned preventative maintenance for all types of heat transfer systems.

We supply thermal oils to the following industry sectors:

  • Food Industry
  • Manufacturing
  • Marine
  • Petrochemical
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Print
  • Solar and PET Plants
Thermal Oils

Thermal Fluids Systems DSEAR/ATEX

All thermal fluid systems are regulated by DSEAR/ATEX legislation due to the potential for an explosive atmosphere to form in the event of a loss of containment.

DSEAR / ATEX requires that flash points are managed and are seen to be managed i.e. that regular and representative closed, hot and circulating samples are collected and submitted for relevant analysis. Open or cold samples collected straight into a container are not representative as they give artificially high flash point values.

Thermal Fluids Systems DSEAR/ATEX

Training & Consultancy

Global Heat Transfer’s considerable experience in heat transfer systems and thermal fluids ensures manufacturers receive the very best training and consultancy experience. Our training packages help manufacturers increase their knowledge of thermal fluid management, health and safety and improved efficiency of manufacturing systems.

Training & Consultancy

Thermal Fluid Return Programme

Global Heat Transfer’s thermal fluid return programme is the alternative sustainable process for waste-management compared with disposal. When your synthetic thermal fluid has reached the end of its usable life Global Heat Transfer will remove your waste thermal fluid completely free of charge*. And, in exchange, we will offer you either a credit against a new charge of thermal fluid or a range of maintenance support services to help you manage your new batch of thermal fluid.

Contact us today to find out more about our Thermal Fluid Return Programme

 *Free of charge offer is subject to exact location, condition of thermal fluid, volume and certification costs. Please contact us for more details and to find out if your company qualifies.

Thermal Fluid Return Programme
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