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The Watch Factory is a family-owned business offering an excellent range of quality Casio watches. We are a proud showcase of Casio watches, all high quality and at excellent prices. They come with the validated manufacturing warranties and quality control checks.

Casio GD-100SC

Within our Casio watch range we have a Casio GD – 100SC selection featuring new attractive colours and styles. We believe the Casio GD -100SC collection stands as a fashion statement as well as a quality assortment of genuine watches.

Timex 80 Watches

We have a brand new collection of Timex 80 watches, some at fantastic discounted prices. Timex 80 watches are affordable accessories to own with a fresh and vibrant new look to offer.


We have a fine assortment of ice-watches in ten various exciting styles. Our ice-watches come in a spectrum of different colours, suitable for a variety of different owners

Rotary Watches

Rotary watches are amongst our favourite choices as a classic and exotic gift for somebody special. We have many types of rotary watches all available to view on our website.

D&G Watches

Keeping current with the latest fashion trends, our extensive stock holds charming D&G watches. Glamorously traditional, D&G watches are fashion statement as well as a quality item of timekeeping.

Citizen Watch

We can offer you the now internationally recognised Citizen watches range. Presently the largest watchmaker, Citizen watches have over 80 years of fine watch-making experience to supply a super selection.


For tough, durable watches, look no further than our G-Shock range. Coming in assortment of colours, the G-Shock watches were designed and created from developer's dreams.














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