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If you are just starting out with an information website about your company or your an individual looking to make a website to express yourself, the Home hosting account is for you, however, if you would like to open an online shop, setup a blog or run a forum on your website then the Advanced hosting account is ideal.

Take a look through our comparison table below to see which package suits your needs. If you need help, please do not hesitate to give us a call on 0870 067 7065.

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GLX Website Hosting's products and services include web hosting in the UK, email hosting, dedicated servers and vps web servers. We aim to provide a cost effective, reliable and high quality service to all our customers.

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GLX Website Hosting also provide online Domain Name Registration.

GLX Website Hosting provide free help on 0870 067 7065 to help with any questions or confusion you may have when ordering your hosting account or domain name.

Please email or call during office hours -9.00am to 5.30pm.

MX Mail Backup

Many companies have their own in-house mail server running on a normal broadband connection. As we all know broadband connections can sometimes cause problems, so what happens to all your email?
The server cannot deliver the mail to the mail server that has been provided so therefore the mail bounces back to the person who sent it with an undeliverable message.

This is why MX Backup is a must for companies handling their own mail in-house. MX Backup provides a temporary mail server, so all mail will wait on the MX Backup server until your own mail server is available again. For more information on this please view our MX Backup page.

MX Mail Backup

SSL Certificates and Hosting

If you are setting up an online shop, or a signup section on your website that will handle sensitive information then an SSL Cert is a must. An SSL cert provides you with an encrypted connection between the browser and your website. Any user input will remain confidential. There are a few different types of SSL Certs to choose from, each one providing varying levels of protection. If you have any questions about SSL Certificates please contact our support team today : 0870 067 7065

SSL Certificates and Hosting

DIY SiteDesigner

Create your own web site very quickly using a huge selection of professionally designed templates. More on SiteDesigner.

DIY SiteDesigner

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