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Specialising in motion control products, we supply products manufactured by Ameridrives International (formerly Zurn Industries) and Boston Gear.

At GMB Associates, we are able to offer our customers a single source for all their motion control products.

Power transmission products

Our range of power transmission products includes:

  • Boston Gear
  • Boston Gear Reducers
  • Boston Gear Shaft Accessories
  • Boston Bearings
  • Boston Fluid Power
  • Boston Open Gearing
  • Boston Electrical Products
  • Trig-O-Matic LOR Series
  • Trig-O-Matic ORC Series Fully Automatic Model F
  • Amerigear Mill Spindles
  • Diaphragm Couplings
  • Trig-O-Matic ORC Series Standard Model S
  • H1600 Overload Clutches HOR Series
  • Waste Water Treatment (H1900 WOR Series)
  • H2000 Pneumatic Overload Clutches POR Series
  • Pneumatic Overload Disconnect Clutches PDC series
  • Varitorque Pneumatic Overload Clutches VOR series
  • Centric Centrifugal Clutches CCC Series
  • Jaw Flange Couplings
  • Universal Joints Couplings
  • High Speed Gear Couplings
  • Amerigear Standard Gear Coupling


Gear Couplings

Gear couplings transmit torque and accommodate angular misalignment. We supply the finest gear couplings available on the market.

As a leader in power transmission equipment for over 70 years, Ameridrives is your single source for all your gear coupling needs and drive applications.

Diaphragm Couplings

Our Ameriflex Diaphragm Couplings set the standard for life and reliability. Using the latest design and manufacturing technology, the Ameriflex Diaphragm Coupling is able to offer increased performance without compromising its outstanding reliability.

Our selection includes:

  • RR Series (Reduced Ratio)
  • RM Series (Reduced Moment)
  • RS Series (Reduced Ratio Short)
  • HP Series (High Performance)


Boston Gear Range

From Boston Gear, we stock their equipment including dependable, high performance products like worm, helical and bevel gear drives. Boston Gear provides the widest range of integrated motion control products from one source.

Our stock of products includes:


Centric Clutches

We supply Centric clutches. Centric has revolutionised torque limiting technology with the VariTorque, the first single position pneumatic overload clutch. The VariTorque was designed to meet the specific needs of paper converting machinery where large starting inertias, high production speeds and the possibility of equipment failure is great.

We also stock four Model H Centric clutches. These are economical ball and roller detent overload clutches and a complete line of friction torque limiters. Selection includes:

  • H1600
  • H1900
  • H2000
  • PDC

Mechanical Overload Clutches

  • Friction torque limiters
  • Single and multi-position ball, roller and pawl notch clutches
  • Torque ratings from 4 to 50,000 inch pounds
  • Multiple mounting styles
  • Well known industry brand names Trig-O-Matic, H1600 and Trig-Lite



Nuttall Gear Motors and Drives

We provide Nuttall gear motors and gear drives. These products are custom built and dependable.

Our selection of Nuttall gear motors and gear drives includes:

  • Type TDS Parallel and Right Angle Shaft Speed Reducers
  • Moduline Concentric Shaft Speed Reducers and Gearmotors
  • Type Step Up/Step Down High Speed Gear Drives (API-613 and API-677)
  • Type RV Right Angle Vertical Speed Reducers
  • Veri-Dri Vertical Concentric and Parallel Shaft Drives
  • Metals Industries Gear Drives
  • Custom Engineered Drives


Delroyd Worm Gear Products

Delroyd worm gear speed reducers, helical worm speed reducers and worm gear sets are built for reliability and long service life for a variety of applications and configurations.
Delroyd worm gears are provided in complete drive package assemblies for both mechanical and electrical components.



We supply high-capacity, industrial universal joints from Ameridive. As a leader in power transmission equipment for over 70 years, Ameridrive's coupling products are your single source for all your drive applications.

Selection includes:

  • Standard Couplings
  • Mill Products
  • High Performance Couplings


Product information

GMB offer literature, maintenance manuals, and operating instructions for most of our products. Select the download link to view PDF files of any literature item. You can visit our download page by clicking HERE

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