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At GMT, we are a market leading company in the design and manufacture of anti vibration engine mounts, rubber-to-metal bonded components and various moulded antivibration mountings rubber products.

Our anti vibration engine mounts are relied on in many industrial sectors from construction and defence sectors to marine automotive and aerospace industries. They are utilised in a diverse variety of applications where the main objective is to eliminate harmful vibration, and substantially reduce absorb shock and operational noise.

Anti Vibration Mounts

Since our establishment in 1968, we have been developing a wealth of experience and expertise in the field of vibration isolation and rubber to metal bonding.

Our extensive anti vibration mounts product portfolio represents our technical expertise in many components such as:

  • Air suspensions
  • Chevron axle springs
  • Engine mountings
  • Cab mounts
  • Shock mounts
  • Spherical bearings
  • Antivibration mountings / antivibration mounts / anti vibration mountings
Anti Vibration Mounts

Engine Mounts

For engine mounts, we offer a broad collection of rubber and metal components to suit vehicles in several industries. Examples of key products in our extremely diverse range include:

  • Exhaust/ radiator/ HVAC mounts
  • Machine feet
  • Rails and rectangular mountings
  • Cone mountings and compression springs
  • Rubber mountings
  • Isolators

We are confident we can provide perfect solutions for your engine mount requirements. If required, we will manufacture tailor made components for your specific applications.

Engine Mounts

Rubber Mountings

We offer a wide variety of rubber mountings for various types of industrial applications.

Our rubber mountings are fabricated from components including nitrile rubber, silicone rubber, chloroprene, natural rubber and EPDM rubber and resist against many specific environmental factors such as extreme temperatures, oils, acids and solvents and high levels of vibration and energy.

Rubber Mountings

Anti Vibration Products for Rail Industry

GMT are International Railway Industry Standard (IRIS) and Link-up certified, used by partners and operators worldwide to supply numerous and varied products suiting particular rail applications from primary spring systems to complete assembled links, torque supports and connection rods,  a range of anti vibration products for the rail industry.

The GMT extensive experience and expertise in the rail sector proving effective and efficient for customers projects, we share the belief in the future of railway transportation.

Anti Vibration Products for Rail Industry

Vibration Products for Aerospace

At GMT, we pride ourselves in being widely recognised in the aerospace industry as a major supplier of high performing noise and vibration systems used on both commercial and non-commercial aircraft.

We choose our materials carefully depending on required loads and weights, ensuring all products are designed to achieve optimum performance and strengths with minimum weight and maintenance.

Our aerospace products include:

  • Tie rods
  • Shock mounts
  • Hose mounts
  • Special U mounting
  • Rod ends
  • Aerospace bushes
Vibration Products for Aerospace

Anti Vibration Products for Automotives

Whether you require engine mounts, suspension travel limiters, suspension articulation joints or even rubber grommets, we can manufacture and supply the automotive component to suit your exact requirements.

Our automotive products are used extensively throughout the automotive industry and are specifically designed to perform to optimum standards with minimum noise and vibration.

Products include:

  • Engine/gearbox mounts
  • Suspension mounts/bump stops/travel limiters
  • General mounts/pedals/grommets
  • Exhaust/radiator/HVAC mounts
Anti Vibration Products for Automotives

Vibration Products for Construction

We have been supplying many high quality anti vibration solutions to the construction sector for many years, and pride ourselves in our ability to develop both specialist parts and rubber components for the hostile working environments involved in the field.

We supply construction products such as:

  • Cab vehicle suspension mounts
  • Engine/transmission mounts
  • Cabinet mounts
  • Screen/crusher/conveyor mounts
Vibration Products for Construction

Defence Industry Anti Vibration Products

For the defence industry, we have become a highly recognised and respectable supplier currently providing more than 500 NATO approved parts for applications in the sector.

We have developed a specialist product range for the defence industry with high performing components constructed out of both natural, and synthetic rubber compounds, to withstand the extreme operating environments in the military.

Standard and special products in this range include:

  • Track pads
  • Track wheels
  • Bump stops/ general mounts
  • Cabinet/ Shock protection mounts
  • Cab/trailer suspensions
Defence Industry Anti Vibration Products

Rubber Metal Bonding

GMT specialize in rubber to metal bonding for the production of anti-vibration and shock control solutions.
Our products are used in a wide range of industries from hi-tech Aerospace to General Machinery applications. We offer a full service from initial concept and design through to manufacture, test and supply.
Indeed GMT is recognized and trusted as a global leader in rubber to metal bonding and continually strives to adapt to new challenges, meeting the needs of our customers by utilizing our vast experience and technical expertise.

Rubber Metal Bonding
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