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Kyocera toner cartridges manufacturer from China

No back-grounding!

Good compatibility!

The best print effects like the original Kyocera toner cartridges!

With the most comprehensive Kyocera testing machines to ensure the premium quality of the Kyocera toner cartridges you ordered.


Gold East Office Consumables Co., Ltd is specialized in manufacturing the full series of  compatible Kyocera toner cartridges with 14 years technical experience. More printers we purchased for testing than anyone else in the industry and customer complaints and return rates were less than 0.08369% in the past two years.

Our Kyocera toner cartridges enjoy a good reputation, customer service, which have been selling well for a long time, in Russia, Germany, Brazil, Turkey, United States and other key global regions. We have gone through the ISO 9001:2000 and ISO 14001:2004 certification, with high quality and best service for you.


Our Advantages:                       

1. With 14 years of technical experience, specialized in the production of Kyocera toner cartridges with the full series.

2. With the most testing machines in whole Kyocera printer & copier industry.                         

3. Using only quality Japanese toner and brand new shells, with chips.                   

4. No back-grounding and compatibility issues, No smell, Pure and Fresh and Natural, to provide the best print effects like the original Kyocera toner cartridge.

5. The image resolution is clarity, Strong layering, the copies is looked beautiful, And the color and luster is uniform, clear and comfortable.

6. Take 14 years to research with great concentration, Familiar with Kyocera toner cartridges areas of the block out and chip distribution.

7. Gold East is only supplier of the Compatible Kyocera printer with series of finished goods provided to many big companies.

8. Customer complaints and return rates less than 0.08369% in the past two years.

9. Quick updates & pushes of new products for Kyocera toner cartridge.                         

10. Over 10 years of overseas sales experiences with excellent reputation and after sales service.


How about the product quality and how to control?                          

According to the statistical analysis via customer complaints and return goods in the past two years, our defective rate is less than 0.08369%, recognized unanimously in the market. We use Japan imported toners and the brand new shells to production to ensured the shell's strength and tenacity, avoided the quality problems due to the influence of environment temperature, at the same time, each batch of our products are through strict control and professional equipment to testing, to ensure the print quality and color effects of the products. We absolutely won't have unqualified in mass products. We have the strict management system to improve the production line. At the same time, we purchase the same series of device to test in difference parts of the blocking and chip in difference countries. Because the toner cartridge used in the same machine is different in Europe, America, Asia areas for Kyocera products.


We have a set of strict inspection system and many years of technical experience. Over 80% employees are working in our factory for more than five years. Here is our procedure: First, we will go through rigorous tests to qualify the procuring materials before putting into the production lines. Then, materials, formulations also need to run several successful tests. All production process have QC staffs to do the inspection, product sampling. Each product will run 100% test on the machine, we will also make few extracts from each batch of the finished production to run some life tests, and qualify them before shipping.



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