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At Renlim we have been producing labels to help people and companies for nearly 40 years. For us, it's a passion. Whether the need is for simple or sophisticated labels on every material and with any configuration, we've built a reputation for producing innovative labels at competitive prices.

We design, produce and deliver bespoke custom labels to suit your specific requirements. Whether it is food, pharmaceutical, industrial, tamper evident, product enhancement or security labels we will give you the best, overall service possible.

Other Renlim Sites are

» Stock Labels
» Bespoke/Custom Labels
» Tamper Evident
» Split/Flap Laminated
» Serial Numbers and Barcodes
» Paper, vinyl, polypropylene, polyester materials and more.
» Blank, single, multi colour and full colour-four colour process.
» Metallics, hot foil
» Leaflet Labels
» Thermal Print

The list is endless - just please ask if you want help and advice.

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