Graphic Plc

Graphic has been recognised as one of the fastest growing technology companies in the South West by Deloitte and Touche for the past 4 years. Graphic have also just been awarded the Overall Winner of the South West Business Challenge Award.

Using the latest technology, Graphic’s printed circuit boards can be made with lines and spaces of below 50 microns. One of only a few companies in the UK, Graphic manufacture its PCB’s using laser drilling and laser direct imaging to achieve the technologically advanced boards. The company hold more national and international approvals for its products and manufacturing processes than any of its competitors worldwide.

Graphic is investigating technology and process to improve production manufacturing of sub 50-micron lines and spaces. Graphic is also working with many new materials, and now embedded resistance and capacitance materials are being introduced. The research and development into new technologies, processes and materials are in line with the Graphic Technology Roadmap, which is regularly reviewed in line with industry trends and predictions.

Graphic operates a Research and Development facility in conjunction with The University of Exeter at the Exeter University Innovation Centre.

To achieve its goal of having the minimum detrimental effect on the environment, Graphic became the first independent PCB company in the UK to be registered to the ISO 14001 environmental standard in 1997. Graphic achieved the DEBI 2000 environmental award in their category and the overall winner in the South West for waste minimisation.
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