Greaves M and M

Metal fabricating and metal rolling machinery

M&M Greaves are a Sheffield based company specialising in the marketing and sale of used metal fabricating and metal rolling machinery, for the production of steel and non ferrous metals

We also have experience with spinner block machines for production of copper tubing, cold reversing mills and tube welding lines. M&M Greaves have established a loyal and wide ranging contact base, by selling and marketing metal fabrication and rolling machinery all over the world.

Product Categories

Melting Furnaces;
Blast, Arc, Converters, Induction, Ladle, Rotary.

Continuous Castings;
Steel: Slab, Billet, Bloom Copper Alloy: Rod, Strip.

Rolling mills , Hot and Cold;
Steel: Wire Rod, Bar, Section, Strip, Plate, Non Ferrous: Rod, Bar, Section, Strip, Foil.

Tube Machinery;
Draw Blocks, Spinner Blocks, Straighteners, Pilger Mills, Draw Benches, Level Winders, welding Lines HF & Tig, Schumag Drawing Lines.

Bright Bar Machinery
Straightener, Bar Peeling, Draw Benches, Schumag Drawing Lines, Centreless Grinding.

Coil Machinery;
Slitting Lines, Cut to Length Line, Blanking Lines, Tension Levellers, Levellers for Strip & Plate.

Metal Extrusion Presses;
Aluminium Copper, Copper Alloys, Stainless Steel Forging Presses:G.F.M., Manipulators, Ring Mills.

Wire Machinery;
Multi Hole Drawing Lines, Bull Blocks, Fencing, Mesh Welding, Forming.

International contracts have been won for the supply of metal rolling and steel fabrications equipment. Countries include Europe, Africa, America, China, Australia, Russia and South Africa.

Greaves supply complete turnkey packages for steel production plants, metal rolling mills, copper tube manufacturing plants, steel foundries, extrusion and wire plants.

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