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In a variety of industries, where bulk materials are processed, dust and fire explosions do occur resulting in devastating consequences with direct damage to persons and property.

Our spark detection and extinguishment systems prevent the risks of fire by rapidly detecting and automatically extinguishing the ignition before a fire can start. Spark detection systems eliminate the risks and potential dangers of fire and ensure reliable safety.

Fire Prevention

Our range of fire prevention products protects your company and employees from ignition sources that could possible lead to dust or fire explosions.

Our fire prevention products work by detecting and eliminating ignition sources before they become a potential hazard. This is done with two simple steps: spark detection and extinguishment.

Fire Prevention Equipment Installation and Maintenance

We provide fire prevention equipment installation and maintenance service for our client's to uphold our high standards of quality and aftersales support.

We employ our own highly skilled technicians to carry out detailed maintenance work and installation so customers throughout the UK and Ireland do not have to rely on contractors.

Our fire prevention equipment installation and maintenance work is performed by our own expert engineers who deliver our exceptional level of service throughout the UK. 

Measurement Systems

Our measurement systems allow you to gain quality assurance and production assured systems. Our measurement systems can perform a variety of tasks including density and moisture measurement and surface inspection.

These measurement systems are used extensively within wood-based manufacturing industries.


Our dieffensors provide online x-ray mat scanning for foreign object recognition and weight per unit area. Our dieffensors provide substantial material savings while panel quality is maintained with a high level of process security.

The dieffensor can help measure a whole product across an entire production width and determine the material distribution in longitudinal and cross direction in high resolution. In process protection, dieffensors, detect potentially dangerous elements like metallic and non metallic foreign bodies, even those not usually detected by metal detectors or magnets.  

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