We provide a unique and revolutionary paver system for ground reinforcement. We manufacture and distribute our innovative ground reinforcement product to private, commercial and industrial customers.

Our ground reinforcement product is able to cover small driveways and thousands of square metres alike. Our ground reinforcement product is perfect for many applications.

Permeable Paving

Our professional and accurate permeable paving and unrivaled installation services includes carrying out a full site investigation.

We are the leading supplier of permeable paving ground reinforcement paver systems. Our specialist installation team ensure the project is fully completed in a timely fashion and with the least amount of disruption to you as possible.

Permeable Paving

Sustainable Urban Drainage System

We offer Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems. The Sustainable Urban Drainage System works by draining to the water table which relieves the pressure on sewer systems.

Two advantages to our sustainable urban drainage system are it eliminates drainage pipe work and complies with sustainable drainage best practice.

We design, manufacture and distribute sustainable urban drainage systems. We also repair and refurbish existing sustainable urban drainage systems.

Sustainable Urban Drainage System

Fixing Pins

We can manufacture and supply fixing pins for all of our ground reinforcing products.

Our 'J' fixing pins should be used:

  • To pin cut sections where whole pavers can not be installed
  • To pin pavers on severe gradients - please contact us for advice

Our fixing pins are manufactured from galvanised mild steel and are of the highest quality.

Fixing Pins

Parking Markers

Our parking markers are used to mark car parking bays or form disabled parking logos, directional arrows, etc. We supply parking markers in white or high visibility yellow.

Gridforce parking markers clip into our 'GF' paver range only.

We pride ourselves on being environmentally friendly and manufacture our parking markers from recycled, low-density plastic.

Parking Markers

Gridforce 'Park' Product Range

We have a Gridforce 'Park' product range we design and manufacture. Our Gridforce 'Park' product range includes the park 30 and park 40.

They are designed to have a unique hexagonal structure which provides excellent ground surface stability and load bearing.

Gridforce 'Park' Product Range

Gridforce 'GF' Product Range

Our Gridforce 'GF' product range includes:

  • GF30
  • GF40
  • and GF50

They are designed for heavy duty ground reinforcement applications. The Gridforce 'GF' product range is high strength and have excellent durability. They are simple to install.

All of our Gridforce 'GF' Products are manufactured to a DIN1072 standard to ensure the highest quality product.

Gridforce 'GF' Product Range
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