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Here at Griffith Elder and Co, we specialise in the design and manufacture of rugged accurate weighbridges suitable for heavy industrial use. We pride ourselves in providing high quality weighbridges and equipment with a very long trouble free service life. We supply an assortment of bespoke solutions including:
  • Full Size Weighbridges (fixed installation and portable)
  • Multi Axle Weighbridges
  • Single Axle Weighbridges
  • Single Axle Portable Weighbridge
  • Tandem Axle Portable Weighbridge
  • Portable Weigh Beams
  • Wheel Weigh Pads
  • Weighbridge Accessories

Multi Axle Weighbridges

A cost-efficient altermative is the multi axle weighbridge.  The TonTel™ Split-Weigh system allows any vehicle to be weighed regardless of its length or number or axles. It ensures that maximum accuracy is guaranteed at all times.

The multi axle weighbridge is calibrated for maximum accuracy. There is no on-site setting up or special tools required. Once it is plugged in, you simply drive the vehicle onto the platform and weigh each group of axles.

Single Axle Weighbridges

The single axle weighbridge is designed to weigh individual axles of any size vehicle.

The TonTel™ dynamic (in-motion) weighing is a key feature of the single axle weighbridge. It is particularly suited to situations where large volumes of traffic are to be weighed.

Animal Weighing Scales

Our animal weighing scales are fully automatic weighing systems, suitable for weighing pigs, sheep, cows, and other livestock. Our horse weighbridges are the perfect choice for horse owners to keep track of the progress of their horses. Our weighbridges are robust scales, providing accurate information essential to equine management. They are user friendly and safe for the horses.

Auger Continuous-Flow Weighers

Our Auger continuous-flow weighers are fully automatic weighing systems, custom built for continuous flow auger weighing. Our Auger continuous-flow weighers are an easy weight management system, enabling you to easily monitor yield weights and truck loads. We custom build these to fit individual augers, for ease and speed of installation and use.

Container Weighers

Our container weighers are purpose designed systems for monitoring the weight of industrial shipping containers. It has been designed for container filling to monitor shipping allowances, batch weighing as the container is being loaded, or checking and recording container weights as they are received.

Our platform scales and weigh bars are very robust for continuous industrial use. Our weigh bars are portable and are suitable for both farm and factory use.

Cow Feeding System

Our innovative cow feeding system, the MealMaster™ Multi-Feeder system, is a complete system for accurate control and monitoring of the complete diet intake of cattle.

Hopper and Silo Weighing

Our batch weighing controller has been designed for hopper and silo weighing. Our hopper and silo weighing system is an automatic control for filling and emptying ingredients of hoppers and silos.


Our Lysimeter is a fully automatic weighing system developed for monitoring weight changes in plant growth systems. Our Lysimeter has been specially designed to enable researchers to assess vital information for the health of their plants.

On Board Truck Scales

Our vehicle weigher is an on board truck scale. Our on board truck scale is a fully automatic weighing machine designed specifically for on board weighing.

Spreader Monitors

Our spreader monitor is an automatic weighing system. Our spreader monitor has been designed to be used to monitor fertiliser and manure spreaders.

Load Cells

We supply an extensive collection of load cells suitable for a variety of applications. Our load cells include:

Canister Load Cells:

  • 15-50 Tonne Analogue Canister
  • 15-50 Tonne Digital Canister

'S' Beam Load Cells: 

  • 6 Tonne 'S' Beam
  • 12 Tonne 'S' Beam
  • 20 Tonne 'S' Beam
  • 30 Tonne 'S' Beam   

Shear Beam Load Cells

  • 1 Tonne Shear Beam
  • 3 Tonne Shear Beam
  • 6 Tonne Shear Beam
  • 9 Tonne Shear Beam
  • 12 Tonne Shear Beam

Double Ended Shear Beam:

  • 6 Tonne Double Ended Shear Beam
  • 12 Tonne Double Ended Shear Beam
  • 20 Tonne Double Ended Shear Beam 

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