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Grinding Power Tools

Grinidng Solutions offers the best combination of quality tools, drives and individual advice that you need to find the best solution for your surface finishing tasks and for cutting materials.

At Grinding Solutions, we provide Pferd grinding power tools at competitive prices. We supply industrial grinding power tools you have come to depend on in industries such aerospace, automotive, pharmaceutical and marine. Grinding Solutions offer a cross section of top quality products that include electric and pneumatic power tools and flexible shaft machines that are quite simply the best tools in the market that you need to be successful on the job.  

A wide range of power tool attachments and maintenance products for all PFERD electric, pneumatic, and flexible shaft tool drives.

A range of collets in a variety of styles and diameters.

Collet Group 1 to 13

In-Line Microfilter

Inserts into air supply hose lines in high-dirt environments.

Extensions for Drive Spindles

Extends shaft-mounted tools to allow access to difficult to reach areas.

Belt Grinder Attachments

Pivoting belt grinding attachment for flexible shafts and handpieces.

¿Belt Grinder Attachment Holder - For 20-1/2" Belts

¿Belt Grinder Attachment Holder - For 12" Belts

¿Belt Grinder Attachment Arms

Grinding Power Tools

Electric Grinders

We stock high-power output electric grinders with excellent power to weight ratio. Grinding Solutions prides itself on its ability to tailor solutions that satisfy your requirements. Our quality range of Pferd power grinders are safe, reliable and are specially designed for industrial use. They feature variable speed controls, quiet running, fast wheel changes, and long neck spindle housings.   PFERD provides a wide range of electric straight, angle, belt and drum grinders. PFERD electric grinders are of the highest technological standard and accord with the latest ergonomic knowledge and requirements. They were specially developed for economic use of grinding, milling, brushing, cut-off and polishing tools, and cover a broad range of speeds (1,400 - 33,000 RPM) and power outputs (0.4 - 1.4 HP).

PFERD electric grinders have an electronic speed control for constant RPM values.

The electric straight grinder UGER 11/330 SI (33.000 RPM, 1.050 watts) is a high power output machine with stepless adjustable speed control. It is particularly well suited for use with tungsten carbide burrs and TC mounted points. Its long spindle housing provides exceptional control.

The new electric drum grinder UWER 15/40 SI D19 (3.500 RPM, 1.530 watts) is designed specifically for use with drum and roller-type abrasive tools. Thanks to its digital electronics, the speed of this low RPM angle grinder/polishing machine remains constant even at elevated loads. The unit is also available as part of the FR-W 100100 UWER 15/40 230 V abrasive drum kit supplied in a practical hard case.


Electric Grinders

Pneumatic Grinders

Our range of pneumatic grinders are extremely light weight and compact. We provide Pferd pneumatic grinders including the PG 3/250 S straight grinder forlight milling and grinding work PGAS 8/250 tshat is designed for extremely high stock removal.Air grinders are the fastest machines amongst the drives. They achieve higher speeds in comparison to electric or flexible shaft drives. They have – when measured against their smaller size – a high power output. The durable and wear resistant sliding vane and turbine motors have a long service life, low maintenance and are easy to service.

Areas of Application:

Air grinders are very versatile. They are used especially in medium and large sized companies that have a compressed air network at their disposal. They are used economically and reliably in production and assembly lines.

PFERD Product Range:

PFERD offers straight, angle and belt grinders as well as special drives. PFERD air grinders are technologically advanced and contain the latest ergonomic findings and requirements. They have been developed especially for the economic application of abrasives and cutting tools with defined geometries and cover a wide range of speeds (4,000 - 100,000 RPM) and performances (0.1 - 1.2 HP)

Pneumatic Grinders

Flexible Shaft Machines

We supply high quality flexible shaft machines suitable for grinding and polishing all materials. Pferd's versatile flexible shaft machines are light weight and will enable you to work in hard to reach places with a wide speed range.Grinding Solutions offers various types of Pferd flexible shaft drives as well as a comprehensive range of matching flexible shafts, handpieces, angle drives, drum and special drives. PFERD flexible shaft drives and their accessories are extremely durable, technically up to date and are built according to the latest ergonomic knowledge and specifications. This program was developed especially for the economic use of grinding, milling, brushing, cut-off and polishing tools and cover a wide range of speeds (0 - 28,800?RPM) and outputs (0.4 - 1 HP).

The multi-speed machine Mini-Mammoth Electronic MMEW 11/120 (850 - 12.000 RPM, 1.100 watts) supplements the successful Mammoth Electronic ME 22/150. Its compact dimensions and low weight make it highly versatile in use. The unit is particularly well suited for milling, grinding and polishing, especially in tool, die and pattern making shops.

Flexible Shaft Machines


Our preferred abrasives brand is Pferd; as the site name implies, we mainly sell grinding discs but we also supply burrs, files, mounted points and cut-off wheels plus a range of professional powered tools designed to make grinding, milling, brushing and finishing easy – and with the knowledge to make that happen.

For grinding PFERD offers reinforced grinding wheels, flexible grinding wheels, cup wheels, ring wheels and POLIFAN®-Flap Discs. For cutting of materials PFERD cut-off wheels are suitable for hand-held, portable cut-off machines and diamond cut-off wheels.

The new reinforced grinding wheel with hardness O (medium-hard version) has been added for machining hard and tough aluminium and non-ferrous metals. Hardness O products deliver an exceptionally high cutting action and are not susceptible to tool loading, even on soft and smearing materials.

Another innovation is the range of flexible grinding wheels in the very soft hardness grade H. These products provide comfortable, soft grinding at low contact pressures and are suitable for use on steel, stainless steel (INOX), aluminium and non-ferrous metals.

The new DUODISC combi abrasive wheels are suitable for quick and comfortable abrasive cutting but are rugged enough for light deburring work due to their high lateral stability. These products conform to EN 12413:2007 (form 27).

The POLIFAN SG CO flap disc with high-grade ceramic grain is the problem solver of choice when it comes to grinding high-alloyed steel, nickel based and titanium alloys.

With the new POLIFAN-STRONG flap disc, PFERD sets a milestone in steel grinding technology. This extremely durable tool provides aggressive stock removal down to the last grain while delivering maximum stock removal per unit time. The result is outstanding cost efficiency.

POLIFAN-CURVE is an innovation for work on fillet welds. Its unique radial PFR shape, based on a special flap arrangement, offers compelling advantages in the laborious and demanding task of finishing fillet welds.

In its Performance Line SG-ELASTIC, PFERD has expanded the range of abrasive cut-off wheels for use on aluminium / non-ferrous metals by including new, thin hardness grade N versions. The elimination of tool loading problems in the abrasive process is a prime feature of these product types

Virtually the entire Performance Line SG portfolio in the PFERD range of diamond cut-off wheels has been upgraded. New problem solvers include SGP-FAST types (for ultra-rapid cutting) and SGP-WHISPER-PLUS with clearly reduced noise and vibration emissions.



With the innovation POLIFAN-STRONGFREEZE, PFERD is offering a flap disc with cool grinding unparalleled anywhere in the world. This is particularly advantageous when working materials with poor heat-conducting properties such as stainless steel (INOX).

¿ Ultra-cool surface grinding on poor heat-conducting materials
¿ Maximum grinding aggressiveness and tool life
¿ Convenient, low-vibration work with minimum formation of dust

The new sturdy version CC-GRIND-SOLID for hard and rough grinding applications. The advanced development of the PFERD innovation CC-GRIND stands out through the integrated glass fibre backing pad combined with high-performance grinding grit and patented cooling and mounting system.

¿ 40 % more economic value thanks to ultimate stock removal rates compared with
reinforced grinding wheels
¿ 50 % less noise and vibration during use
¿ As sturdy and safe as a reinforced grinding wheel – 100 % increased aggressiveness

Do you want to achieve a high level of stock removal in as short a time as possible? Do you want to avoid material damage when working stainless steel (INOX)? With cut INOX, PFERD has now developed innovative burrs for working stainless steel (INOX). Cut INOX stands out thanks to its extremely high stock removal performance on all austenitic, rust and acid-resistant steels.


On-site Demonstrations

When purchasing abrasives you need to be 100% sure the product is right. Grinding Solutions supply a comprehensive range of coated abrasives and nonwoven abrasives, professional tools designed to make finishing easy and the knowledge to make that happen. We will visit your site and provide a full demonstration of the abrasive finishing and grinding product you require, free of charge. This means you can be sure you are getting the correct product for your needs from a company who understands your business. Simply call 01664 434897 for the free on site demo. Make PFERD your pre-ferred abrasives.

On-site Demonstrations
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