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Grippit UK Ltd design and manufacture unique INTERNAL and EXTERNAL Notice Boards, Bulletin Boards, Display Boards, Map Boards, Poster Cases, Poster Frames and Dry Wipe Whiteboards. Our products are available to both trade customers and the general public.

We are a leading aluminium fabrication company that manufactures a wide variety of professional display boards. Our internal and external notice boards use a unique pin free grip system that eliminates the need for pins, tape or tack.

Whereas a traditional porous pinboard would typically need replacing every few years, grip boards are made from durable powder coated aluminium and should last for decades. Rusty brown pins are difficult to remove from traditional old fashioned pin boards; however using the Grippit™ board couldn't be easier. No more stubborn push pins and broken finger nails! Simply slide up to attach and pull the paper down to release.

In addition, we also manufacture a variety of durable poster cases, map boards, grip frames, bespoke display boards and traditional signage.


No pins, no tape, no tack, no fuss!

The GRIPPIT® range of notice boards include a unique and easy to use paper grip system that eliminates the need for pins, tape or tack! Although perfect for a demanding office, the pin free Grippit® display is exceptional in areas that require a hygienic and safe environment. Ideal for food prep areas, hospitals, education and more. Dry wipe boards, snap frames, wall mounted, post mounted, inside or out. Don't delay, own your own Grippit today.

No pins, no tape, no tack, no fuss!

Grippit Display Systems

GRIPPIT® Display Boards are MULTI-PURPOSE! The grip board can be used for various sized notices, posters, laminates, photos and cards etc. The dual-use grip system also allows your notice board to become a unique letter board / tile sign.  

There are 8 different types of display system we can offer:

  • Multi-use Grippit boards (from £55): Internal or external, self aligning, pin free, multiple notices, weather & vandal resistant. Available in 4 styles.
  • A4 to 60x40 grip frames (from £9): Variety of silver and coloured GRIP/SNAP/CLIP frames. Secure versions available.
  • A4 to 60x40 lockable cases (from £60): Internal and external poster boards and menu cases. Weather and vandal resistant.
  • Full colour map boards (from £250): Framed full colour maps & satellite images, protective screens, optional coloured frames, posts and text headers.
  • Dry wipe white boards (from £16): Frames, plain, white or magnetic. Wall mount or castor base. Optional charts, grids, lines and text etc.
  • Classified ad-boards (from £80): Displays multiple job/advert/info cards. Integral card dispenser. Optional colours, text and headers.
  • Letter boards and tile signs (from £55): Alpha-numeric tile signs. Advertise what you want, when you want. Internal or external quick swap letter board systems.
  • Bespoke display boards (call for prices): Combination of sign boards, dry wipe boards and other fixings.

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Grippit Display Systems

Grippit Signage Systems

There are 4 different types of signage system:

  • Unique tile sign system: Powder coated Grippit slat displays. Swappabale alpha-numeric tile signs.
  • Traditional sign system: Powder coated aluminium sign blanks. Optional posts, vinyl text and graphics.
  • Full colour digital print: Photo quality digital prints, posters and maps. Mounted onto a variety of wall or post mounted sign boards.
  • Full colour stickers and decals: As above but provided on a peelable backing. Used for vehicles, product labels, windows and more.
Grippit Signage Systems

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