Grotech Production Ltd.


Grotech are Specialists in Formulating and Packing

  • Liquid Blending and Packing
  • Solid Blending and Packing

We have the capacity to mix a range of aqueous and oil-based formulations as solutions or suspensions in batches from 200 – 4,500 litres.

We can blend powders and incorporate liquids into granule or powder blends.

Our equipment is stainless steel, HDPE or polypropylene and we can undertake high shear mixing using an in-line Probst & Claas disintegrator and stir suspensions prior to filling.

We can pack container sizes from 50gms to 1000kg with high-fill accuracy. We can also pack kegs, drums, sacks and FIBCs.

The packing of smaller items includes:

  • Laminate block bottom bags filled on automatic or semi auto lines
  • Automatic bulk-fill and top-up line for jars, bags, boxes, buckets etc. with vibrating settling if required

All of our packing processes are supported by labelling, ink-jet coding and end-of-line carton sealing.

Our quality management system has been approved to meet the ISO 9001:2000 standard and is applied to all our production activities.


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