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At GT Solutions our aim is to supply a service for the hire of construction plant and access equipment from Telehandlers and glass and panel handlers to Roto Telehandlers and heavy duty lifting machinery.

We are always on the look out for innovative machines and specialise in the hire of Merlo Roto Telehandlers and mini cranes along with their wide variety of accessories and attachments. Access equipment, tracked access platforms and materials handling solutions are also included in our extensive range.

Heavy Lifters

We offer a wide variety of heavy lifting equipment for hire. Our range of heavy lifters includes the Merlo 60.10 and the Merlo 101.10 both having the capabilities to lift up to 10 tonnes, reaching up to 10 metres.

A wide array of standard attachments or the extra wide fork for steel lifting is available to fit these heavy lifters.

Merlo Panoramic P60.10 Heavy Lifter

The Merlo Panoramic P60.10 heavy lifter has an exclusive boom side-shift mechanism and a maximum load capacity of 6000kg and lift height of 9.55m.

 Other features of the Merlo Panoramic P60.10 include:

  • Euro 2, 4 cylinder turbo diesel engine
  • Electronically managed hydrostatic transmission
  • Load-Sensing hydraulic system
  • Hydraulic extension mechanism

Merlo Panoramic P101.10 HM Heavy Lift

The HM series of Panoramic heavy lifters are designed to enhance levels of operational performance substantially. They have a maximum load capacity of 10000kg and a maximum lift height of 9.8 metres.

The deluxe cab, frame levelling device, boom side-shift and load-sensing hydraulic system are other excellent features the Panoramic handlers exhibit.

Rotating Telehandler

Offering both flexibility and efficiency, we offer the 33.16 and 38.16 KS range of Merlo Roto Telehandlers. We also include the latest 40.25 and 45.21 MCSS series that both offer continuous rotation giving you maximum utilisation of the range of attachments.

Merlo Roto KS Range

The Merlo Roto KS range compromises of the 33.16 and 38.16 models both demonstrating exceptional load capacities of up to 3800kg (for the Roto Compact 38.16), and working heights up to 16 metres.

Both models in the KS range feature hydro-pneumatic suspension and load-sensing hydraulic systems and the 38.16 can also offer the following:

  • Electronically managed hydrostatic transmission
  • Independent stabilisers
  • 40kph travel speed
  • 415° upperstructure slew
  • 4-cylinder Euro 2 turbo engine, 74.9 kW (102HP)

Access Platforms

We offer various access platforms or cherry pickers for hire all complying with EN280 regulations.

Standard, slewing and variable platforms are available and we can also provide a tackle on carriage paired with an access platform.

Packboy Modular Lifting Kit

Supplied to a site in component form, the Packboy is a modular lifting kit designed to help the un-loading and handling of composite construction panels.

The Packboy consists of self-levelling crane forks, a sectional spreader beam and all necessary components, with capabilities of handling panel packs up to 20m long, 1.2m high and up to 4000Kg total weight

Cladboy Vacuum Lifter

The Cladboy is our professional vacuum lifting device designed for quick and safe installation of wall sandwich and roof panels.

Providing unique flexibility, and coming with a rechargeable battery pack the Cladboy suspends from one of our telehandlers.

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