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Our main manufacturing product ranges include cable and rod display systems and point of sale acrylic displays, which we supply to small and large businesses tailoring to their specific needs. Cable Display Systems which include cable window displays (also referred to as estate agent displays) are one of the most popular and versatile advertising solutions available. Amongst other additional POS solutions we specialise in manufacturing suspended wire supported acrylic and glass shelving, wall mounted easy access poster sleeves, cube display systems, snap-frame displays, and much more. 

If you require a variation of any of our standard products such as custom size display pockets, panel sizes personalised for your favourite photo displays, or help with designing the arrangement of your window display layout, then please phone or email and provide details of your requirements.

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Acrylic Slatwall Shelving

Slatwall display shelves manufactured from Petg plastic which is extremely ductile in comparison to acrylic that results in a virtually indestructible product which and can be used for lightweight or heavy duty slatwall display shelf applications.

They have an all-in-one design which means the slat section is part of the main shelf panel which eliminates having any glue marks. The side wings which are heat formed downwards at the sides 90 degrees to the horizontal main shelf support face provide incredible strength, whilst at the same time having a natural look about them thanks to their well thought out design.

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Suspended Shelving kits

Suspended shelving display sets which are available from a choice of several different glass shelf sizes and twelve different 6mm clear acrylic shelf sizes. They're supplied with chrome plated or satin clamps and four meter adjustable length cables from our Individual Cable Shelving Items category, with all the screws and fittings required for a complete installation. Assembly instructions are included. Suitable strength fixing points will be required in the ceiling for supporting these shelving kits.

Optional poster holders are available that fit between the floor to ceiling cables, which are attached in place using our standard chrome or satin mini clamps. One of the best ways to incorporate pockets into your display is to alternate the front/rear pocket positions with respect to their height, such that customers are faced with an alternation between poster displays and open shelving both beneath and above one another. 

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Window & Wall Mounted Cable - Poster Display Kits

Our cable window displays can be used to display advertisements in your shop window or shop interior, either floor to ceiling (or window recess) fixing or wall mounted depending on your requirements. The acrylic easy access poster sleeves supplied within the kits can be used to display single or double sided paper or card which means your customers can view what's on offer from inside or outside your shop.

Custom layouts can easily be designed by using our cable display calculators and purchasing the items required from our Individual Cable Display Items category. Common uses for this type of display are estate agents window displays, travel agents, beauty salons, high street stores, etc.

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Hook-on Pocket Rod Display System - Poster Display Kits

Versatile interchangeable acrylic poster holders which hang from cable suspended stainless steel bars. One of the nice advantages of this type of display is the interchangeability of compatible pocket sizes, which simply put means any two portrait pockets side by side can be swapped for just one portrait pocket the next 'A' size larger. Another nice feature is having the convenience of removing the poster holders from the bars and changing the paper or card insert whilst sitting at your desk.

We have two fundamentally different types available which are:

1) Cable suspended rod hook-on pocket displays which can be both window and wall mounted.

2) Wall mounted rod hook-on pocket displays which use stand-off clamps to attach the bars to the wall (no cable kits are used in these displays).

Custom size length bars and pocket sizes are available via quotation. Mixed displays which contain a mixture of different size pockets can be purchased as a bundle which consists of all the items required from our Individual Cable & Rod Display Items category.

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Wall Mounted Acrylic Photo & Poster Displays

Wall mounted photo frame kits with one inch or 30mm borders which are used for displaying both portrait and landscape prints. These photo displays use 12mm or 16mm diameter polished chrome or satin frame clamps which have 20mm stand off's. The clamps are used to mount the two acrylic panels to the wall whilst at the same time sandwiching your printed photos or posters between the two acrylic faces.

To assemble the displays you simply lay one panel flat, place your picture in position on the panel, put the second panel on top of the picture and hold the sandwich against the wall whilst tightening the front/inner part of the wall mounted clamps.

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Wall Mounted Easy Access Pockets

Proving increasingly more popular our wall mounted easy access pockets are turning out to be one of our bestselling display products. This design is based on our standard cable pocket which we've sold for many years, but is a slightly modified version. The width of the flanges have been extended from 10mm to 17mm to provide enough space to machine the clearance holes for the stand-off clamps. Changing the poster insert takes just a few seconds which makes this an ideal display for circumstances where changing the advertisement happens frequently.

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Flat-pack Acrylic & Glass Cube Display Kits

We supply these displays from a choice of six different panel sizes. Constructing the display is very easy and requires you the assemble the panels together from the bottom upwards using the two, three, and four way connectors provided. Designing your own layout is also possible by purchasing the required items from our Individual Cube Display Items category. Optional back-panels are available that are used to create a fifth side to the cube compartments, which can be added to individual cube compartments or to all of them. By adding back-panels the display becomes significantly more rigid, and by restricting access to the one remaining side your products become more secure and tamper proof.  

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