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Guaranteed Property
Company Limited
44 Harley Street
London W1G 9PS

Office: 020 7580 4210
Office: 020 7636 5390
Fax: 020 7636 5680
Mbl: 07733 265 324


We are a forty five year old property business, based in the West End of London with expertise ranging from medical premises to mixed use developments.If you are looking for premises, our company may well have what you are looking for.

Your Questions Answered
To answer the many questions you may have, why not visit our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page to find some answers to your initial questions. Or feel free to call us or complete the On-line Form if you have further questions that need answering.

Properties To Purchase Or Rent
We have a selection of properties to either purchase, rent or lease. These range from apartments in prestigious London locations through to commercial properties. We prefer the personal touch and, therefore, would be delighted to speak with you in person to discuss our property portfolio.

Tenancy Agreements
Our landlord agreements vary. If you rent a residential property from us, we can offer you a six month or twelve month agreement. If you would like to rent commercial premises or medical , our agreements vary from six month licences to 12 year leases. The final decision is dependant upon each agreement and the situation.

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