Guyson International Ltd


We are a family run, independent company with a global reputation for outstanding excellence and high quality products such as hose assembly equipment, blast finishing, spray wash, and ultrasonic equipment.

Based in Skipton, North Yorkshire, our hose assembly equipment is manufactured in accordance to BS EN ISO 9001:2008. Our impressive 10,000 square metre site is not only where we design and manufacture our blast, spray wash and ultrasonic cleaning equipment, but also home to our sales, testing and demonstration facilities.  

Hose and Couplings

We have an extensive range of hose and couplings available including flexible hose assemblies and quick release couplings. We offer many leading branded products such as Hansen's self-sealing, straight-through, flat-face, and dry break couplings manufactured in a choice of stainless steel, and viton, EPDM, nitrile, neoprene, and PTFE seal options.

Our hose and couplings range also encompass Kaptech's hose assemblies custom made to suit customer requirements and within our own registered quality system. Our goal is not only high quality products but also invaluable customer service and technical support. So contact us to day and we will help select the correct hose and coupling for you.

Self Sealing Couplings

Hansen's diverse range of self sealing couplings has spring operated valves in both the plug halves and the socket.

On connection, the self sealing coupling opens instinctively to allow the full flow of liquids and gas and provide automatic, positive shut-off on disconnection.

Straight Through Couplings

We supply Hansen's straight through couplings and are designed especially as straight through couplings but without self sealing valves.

The smooth bore on straight through couplings allow for the unrestricted flow of gases and liquids.

Dry Break Couplings

Dry break couplings are designed for essential applications where minimal spillage is critical. Dry break couplings can be used with flammable, toxic and many other hazardous fluids, pharmaceuticals and fine chemicals.

Hygienic Hose Assemblies

Kaptech's diverse range of hygienic hose assemblies is suitable for a variety of applications in the brewing and pharmaceutical, food and dairy industries.

Katpech's wetted parts of hygienic hose assemblies are produced from FDA approved materials and are supplied with a range of hygienic end fittings.

Silicone Hose Assemblies

We also supply Kaptech's silicone hose assemblies. They have ultra-smooth bores and external surfaces suitable for use in biomedical and pharmaceutical applications.

Wetted parts of silicone hose assemblies are produced using FDA approved materials and come with a range of hygienic end fittings.

Metal Hose

Kaptech steel braided flexibles and metal hose has a variety of fittings on it to give assemblies higher integrity and enable them for a wider diversity of application conditions.

Products like metal hoses are welded in our modern and advanced fabrication facility.

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