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Drilling Equipment

H&F Drilling Supplies Ltd., servicing the requirements of the land based drilling industry worldwide.

We provide complete packages of equipment, especially for overburden drilling, working with customers to provide bespoke solutions for a wide range of drilling projects.

Expanding operations and range of equipment, coupled with complementary products and services ensuring you truly have a single source of supply.

Strategic alliances with some of the world's major manufacturers and some smaller niche equipment suppliers ensuring that the solution provided is the correct one, rather than the only one.

Innovative drilling methods and use of technology controlling your operating costs.

The future is focused upon you, our customers, challenging us at all levels, for us to respond to your ever changing needs.

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  • Cable Tool Percussion Drilling
  • Rotary Drilling
  • Down the Hole Hammer Drilling
  • Top Hammer Drilling
  • Exploration Drilling
  • Geotechnical Drilling
  • Geothermal Drilling


Drilling Equipment

Product Partnerships

Over the past twenty years we have forged strong alliances with some of the world's foremost manufacturers of drilling equipment.

 They realise the importance of having a strong and active partner who cannot only sell their products, but add value to them by offering a comprehensive range of ancilliary equipment and services.

Our in-house manufacturing capabilities gives us the ability to offer a total solution from a single source, simplyfying the whole procurement process, essential on large complex projects.

Cable Percussion Drilling Equipment

We manufacture, in-house, the full range of tooling associated with cable percussion drilling, mostly from stock.

This includes all in-situ testing and sample recovery equipment in accordance with BS:5930 and BS:1377.

We can also manufacture non-standard or special tools for particular applications.

In addition we manufacture and supply temporary casings to BS:879 in 6, 8, 10 and 12 inch nominal sizes, along with cutting shoes and drive heads.

Give one of our sales team a call to discuss your requirements.

Cable Percussion Drilling Equipment

Rotary Drilling Equipment

The heart of any Rotary Drill string is the BIT.

Correct selection is vital to ensure optimum pentration rates, bit life and cost effectiveness for the particular application.

Too often price is the deciding factor when selecting a rotary drilling bit, with low cost bits tending to be poorly engineered, causing problems through premature failure of components, which can lead to serious down-time or even lost holes.

Bit selection is governed by the type of rock to be drilled, the type of flush to be used, the ability to apply load to the bit and the application.

There are two main types of rotary drill bits: A DRAG BIT with no moving parts that cut by a combination of shearing and gouging, predominantly used in softer sedimentary rock types: Although there is an increasing use of Polycrystalline Diamond Compact PDC bits, which use the enhanced physical properties of diamonds to rapidly cut through the formations, including harder rock types.

Rotary Drilling Equipment

Down The Hole Hammer Drilling Equipment

We have been at the forefront of providing DTH drilling solutions for over twenty years.

Working with such companies as Atlas Copco(www.atlascopco.com), Numa Hammers(http://www.numahammers.com/) and Rocbit Hammers of South Africa(www.rocbit.co.za), we can provide you with the correct hammer and bit for any application.

Not only are we one of the premier suppliers of DTH equipment, we have also become specialists in solution based large diameter rock drilling packages, providing not only large diameter hammers and bits, but also shrouded drill pipes, helicoidal pipes and casing advancing systems. Working with you from tender stage to contract completion helps you get your projects completed on time and on budget.

We have also developed some innovative drill pipe connections and heavy duty shock absorbers, to ensure that the equipment can be easily used on site and that it achieves maximum metreages, lowering the true cost of ownership.

Top Hammer Drilling Equipment

We stock a complete range of Top Hammer (Drifter) Drilling equipment from Taper Drill Steels and Bits, Integral Drill Steels and Extension Drill Steels and Bits from R25 through to T51.

In addition we carry a wide range of Shanks, Shank Adaptors, Grouting Swivels and other essential items to suit different Top Hammer (Drifter) units and drill string configurations.

Where there is a need to case drill holes, such as infill grouting, we manufacture and stock, various sizes of Top Hammer Casings, Connectors and Casing Crowns.

Whatever your requirements, make sure you call us.

Top Hammer Drilling Equipment

Overburden Drilling Systems

Having been involved with the Symmetrix Overburden Drilling System from the earliest days of its development has given us an incredible knowledge base from which to achieve the optimum performance  from the product.

 Now part of the Atlas Copco Craelius group, Symmetrix has firmly established itself as the premier overburden drilling system and through us, the sole distributors in the U.K. and Ireland, you can be assured that a solution is available whether it be day to day operations or specific projects that require thinking outside of the box.

Not only do we supply the Symmetrix hardware, we also maunufature the casing systems and ancillary equipment ensuring a hassle free experience with a single phone call.

In addition to Symmetrix we also supply Atlas Copco Craelius "ODEX" the original overburden drilling system.

Exploration Drilling

Covering all sections of the drilling industry that require geological information to be gathered, whether it be for the design of foundations for a housing development, the foundations for a major bridge, the search for mineral resources or the determining of the suitability of stratas for the deposition of carbon dioxide and so on.

Often the drilling is accompanied by the installation of complex instrumentation, or in-hole testing which can provided an array of information essential to the successful outcome of major projects.

By it's very nature, Exploration Drilling, can utilise numerous drilling methods to achieve the required results and therefore it is of paramount importance that the most appropriate equipment is selected to optimise results.

We manufacture and supply a range of rotary coring barrels, soft ground testing and sampling equipment, as well tungsten carbide coring bits, temporary steel casing, plastic tubing for installations and a range of sealing products such as bentonite pellets.

Exploration Drilling

Geotechnical Drilling

As geotechnical contracts are often "one-offs", they sometimes require a combination of drilling methods and equipment.

We have been providing solution based systems for many years and in some cases a key success driver on some of the more difficult projects.

Whilst it is possible to buy various pieces of equipment from a number of sources, we have the strength and associations with major manufacturers to make sure that the sytsem will fit together and achieve your targets.

When the work you are carrying out is miision critical to the overall success of a project, you cannot afford to take unneccessary risks and having us as a "project partner" gives you a competitive advantage.

So if you need to drill rock sockets 1,800mm in diameter or a hole to grout in a 25mm dowel then calling us will help you select the optimum methodolgy to minimise costs and ensure success.

We also supply a range of specialist resins, grouts, bolts, rock netting and grout mixers for cliff face remediation, along with equipment hire when the capital expenditure cannot be justified on smaller contracts.

So please give us a call to discover the true meaning of "single source of supply".

Geotechnical Drilling

Drill String Components

Of paramount importance for in-hole operations, connecting the drilling unit at the surface to the drilling bit at the bottom.

Incorrect selection of drill string compnenets can lead to increased drilling costs, lost boreholes and in some cases serious injury.

The drill string has to be able to endure the complex stresses of all drilling operations and convey the flushing medium to the bottom of the borehole.

We are the sole UK stockist of Swedish manufacturer Driconeq and hold large quantities of common drill pipes, along with vast array of cross-over subs We also manufacture a wide variety of drill string components such as stabilisers and collars, in-house.

We can offer you complete drill string packages, tailored to maximise your drilling time.

Drill String Components

Drilling Rigs

Undoubtedly the most difficult decision any drilling contractor has to make is the selection of a drilling rig.

It is the single most expensive piece of equipment involved in the drilling process and is of paramount importance to the overall economic success of any drilling company.

H&F Drilling Supplies Ltd. have teamed up with Italian manufacturers Fraste(www.fraste.com) for a complete range of rigs from 2 tonne capacity to 50 tonne capacity and specialist lightweight rig manufacturer Ripamonti (www.ripamonti.net) who offer unique solutions for difficult access operations.

Drilling Rigs

Drilling Fluids (Flushing)

Whilst the easiest method of cleaning the drilled cuttings from the borehole is using compressed air, it is not always the most suitable.

Even with down the hole hammers, which can only operate with compressed air (although there is a water powered hammer available), there can often be a requirement to inject drilling fluids to help flush out the cuttings and increase stability of the hole.

Rotary drilling, however, predominantly requires fluids to remove the cuttings, stabilise the borehole wall and maximise bit life by cooling bearings in tricone rock rollers.

The correct selection of a drilling fluid can often mean the difference between success and failure of a project, as the fluid can heavily influence the way the strata behaves and our experience, know-how can ensure you get the best advice.

We also offer the services of a mud engineer to work on site with you when neccessary to help you develop a mud programme and maximise your drilling opeartions.

Drilling Fluids (Flushing)

Special Equipment

In this section you will find information on the products we manufacture and supply related to the various sectors of our industry.

 Along with technical explanations you will also be able to download specific product information for which we are suppliers.

Despite all the information that is available, there is however, no substitute for talking through your operations and projects, so that we can fully understand how we can best be of service to you.

You will quickly realise that we have a real passion for drilling and for sharing some of our experiences with you.

Special Equipment
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