H Guntner (UK) Ltd


The Güntner Group stands worldwide for high-quality,state-of-the-art finned, heat exchangers. Technological leadership and innovative thinking have turned Güntner into a leading company in the field of heat exchange technology.


The globally active company thermowave GmbH is specialised on developing and manufacturing plate heat exchangers as well as providing corresponding customer service. The main ranges of application for plate heat exchangers are chemical industry, process technology and food processing industry.


We manufacture remote air cooled condensers used to reject heat from compressors or chillers in applications where space is restricted and package equipment cannot be used. Our innovative refrigerant condensers enable the chiller package to be more adaptable to the restrictions on site.

Dry Coolers

Our diverse dry air coolers are finned heat exchangers used to reject heat from air conditioning plant chillers, water cooled variable refrigerant flow units, Versatemp air conditioning equipment, and an assortment of other applications. Our dry coolers cool the water/glycol mix in a closed circuit by passing ambient air over the finned surfaces.

Unit Coolers

We design and manufacture a variety of room coolers for use with HFC refrigerants including R-404A, R-407C, R-134A and ammonia. Our unit coolers are produced in addition to the air cooled condensers, dry air coolers, liquid refrigerant receivers and controllers.

Plate Heat Exchanger

Thermoline plate heat exchangers are produced on state-of-the-art machines in a transparent and functional building. Two models can be supplied: gasketed and/or module welded plate heat exchangers are produced in line with customers requirements. The apparatuses have customised designs and constructions and all processes display a consistent level of technical expertise. Quality and diligence coupled with a favourable price/performance ratio make thermoline apparatuses stand out from the crowd.


We provide evaporators with choice of configurations, fin spacing and the use of the proven floating coil design. Our evaporators provide the perfect solution to match your specific needs. Our units are manufactured for use with HFC refrigerants, ammonia and CO2.

Bespoke Coils

When providing bespoke coils, we recognise how the right choice of material has a significant bearing on the service life of the product. We will work with you to design and manufacture bespoke coils to ensure the plant is designed to suit your environment and application.


We provide a selection of radiators for use in fixed and mobile power plants. Our radiators are used for generators, combined heat power and tri-generation systems.

Free Cooling Coolers

Our free cooling coolers provide the opportunity to reduce power consumption and CO2 emissions. We have designed free cooling coolers to substitute chillers systems or similar in low ambient conditions.


We provide a standard factory fitted adiabatic option including a series of specialised water nozzles fitted below each fan. The adiabatic nozzles are designed to pulverise the water and provide a very fine mist of atomised water droplets to be absorbed by the high temperature ambient air approaching the coil.

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