We are a battery distributor who provides next day delivery on an extensive range of primary batteries including alkaline, lithium, zinc, and silver oxide batteries.

As a battery distributor, we also supply specialist rechargeable batteries, custom battery packs and lead acid battery solutions.

Lead Acid Battery

We supply Yuasa's range of valve regulated lead acid battery. Their range includes lead acid battery products with standby and cyclic applications and superior enhanced life capabilities. They incorporate high currents and deep discharge values. The Yuasa range also consists of memory packs and emergency lighting sticks.

Alkaline Batteries

Alkaline batteries are the most popular premium tier for charging all purpose, portable technology.

The main applications and features alkaline batteries possess include continuous high rate discharge, longer life with wireless devices, portable audio and video devices, medical applications, motorised devices, and smoke alarms.

Zinc Batteries

Zinc batteries are a long established and reliable battery technology offering entry level product for portable power applications. Zinc batteries applications are suited to devices where performance is unessential, the current low or the usage only intermittent.

Zinc air batteries are dependent on atmospheric oxygen entering through holes in the cell and are available to two variations designed for analogue and digital hearing aids.

Lithium AA, AAA And 9V

We supply lithium AA, AAA and 9V batteries. They are fully compatible with zinc and regular alkaline equivalents. Lithium AA, AA and 9A batteries are long lasting in digital devices with high drain value.

Lithium Photo Batteries

Lithium photo batteries combine high voltage with high energy density and long life capabilities. Lithium photo batteries are ideal for photographic applications because they are lightweight. They can also be used in smoke detectors and utility meters.

Lithium Coin Cells

Lithium coin cells are small circular cell batteries used in a variety of electronic applications. Lithium coin cells can be used to energise small electronic devices.

High Tech Lithium Batteries

Our high tech lithium batteries include two major types used in critical applications where reliability and enhanced performance over long periods of time is required. High tech lithium batteries include Lithium Thionyl Chloride (LTC) and Lithium Manganese Dioxide.

They are capable of working through variations of temperature and also available in cylindrical format.

Rechargeable Batteries

Our high quality, high performance rechargeable batteries include lithium ion batteries and valve regulated lead acid batteries.

Our rechargeable batteries also include:

  • VRLA gel technology
  • Nickel metal hydride
  • Nickel cadmium
  • Battery chargers

Ready to Use Rechargeable Batteries

Our ready to use rechargeable batteries offer many advanced benefits and are a successful alternative to traditional rechargeable technology. They are always ready to use even straight from purchase and have outstanding capacity retention.

Ready to use rechargeable batteries are also:

  • Good for all applications: combines the benefits of both alkaline and rechargeable
  • Four times longer lasting: lasts up to four times longer than alkaline in digital cameras
  • Environmentally friendly: reduces battery disposal

Battery Packs

We provide an extensive range of battery packs ideal for providing a solution for many specific requirements. We have alkaline and lithium primary battery packs available, high temperature nickel metal hydride rechargeable packs, high capacity lead acid battery packs, and lithium ion or lithium polymer packs.

To help you pick the correct battery packs and solutions, contact us and we will:

  • Identify the right technology and architecture to use
  • Specify the pack you need
  • Design the physical and electronic elements of the pack
  • Manufacture samples for your trial and approval
  • Ensure full testing and approval
  • Manufacture for supply chain shipments


Our range of torches includes headlights and lanterns. They can be used for industrial, contractor and professional use.

Our torches offer:

  • Latest technology high intensity and standard LEDs
  • Pocket, headlight, handheld
  • Lantern, spotlight, emergency
  • Inspection, weatherproof, ATEX
  • From professional ranges by Energizer and Duracell
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