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We offer a wide variety of CNC vertical machining centres, as well as mills and milling machines. No matter what the requirement of your machine shop, we will have the CNC vertical machining service for you.

Our CNC vertical machining products have a number of top of the range 'Haas-only' features including:

  • Word-processor editing
  • One button features
  • Multi-function jog handle
  • Visual quick code programming

CNC Horizontal Machining

We have an impressive range of continually expanding CNC horizontal machining centres. Our CNC horizontal machining includes a number of robust and powerful machines for a multitude of applications.

These machines have the capabilities of cutting a range of materials including:

  • Alloy steels
  • Stainless steels
  • Cast iron and high-nickel alloys
  • Aluminium alloys
CNC Horizontal Machining

CNC Turning Centre

No matter what your requirement, we have the CNC turning centre to meet your needs.

Our CNC turning centre range is manufactured to be heavily ribbed, features US-made iron castings, and uses torque-tube base design exclusive to us.

Our CNC turning centres come with the guarantee of high functionality and reliability and are offered at cost-efficient prices.

CNC Turning Centre

Rotaries and Indexers

Our rotaries and indexers range includes many models with a number of special design elements. These are tailored towards complete productivity, ease-of-use and top quality end products.

Almost 30 years ago, we developed the first fully programmable 5C collet indexer. Ever since then, our range of rotaries and indexers have significantly increased in volume, quality and functionality.

Rotaries and Indexers

Used Machines

We buy and supply a wide range of our own and other manufacturers used machines. We have a wide range of used machines available. If you want to sell your machine through us, contact us now.

The selection includes:

  • Super Range VMC
  • TL-2 Toolroom Lathe
  • Chiron Vertical Machining Centre
  • Bridgeport XR 760
Used Machines

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