Hagglunds Drives Ltd

Hagglunds Drives Ltd now owned by Bosch Rexroth the drive and control company.

Variable Speed Drives

Hagglunds Drives have extensive experience in variable speed drives technology and manufacture complete hydraulic drive systems comprising the drive motor, power unit, controls, piping etc so eliminating third party interfacing. We will help you size and select your drive system and provide a worldwide service to support your production and operations.
Our main manufacturing plant is in Sweden with offices in many countries.

Large Hydraulic, Radial Piston Cam Ring Motors

The wide range of large hydraulic, radial piston cam ring motors are very efficient and have displacements from about 1 to 250 lt/rev and torque output 20Nm/bar to 4000Nm/bar from a single unit all 350 bar rated. This enables direct hydraulic drive for most applications. The motors are in three basic ranges with rotating case for winches and rotating hollow shaft for industrial drives. All motors are available with a wide range of accessories such as brakes, valves, encoders, torque arms and brackets.

Power Unit Programme

The power unit programme is based on closed loop hydraulic system using axial piston pumps and close coupled fixed speed AC induction motors. The components are housed inside soundproofed cabinets and designed to be easily maintained from doors at the front.
Programmable control systems have been developed to provides start / stop logic, full health monitoring and drive control techniques providing easy interfacing with customer control.

Used in many heavy duty applications such as conveyors, feeders, bucket wheels, agitators, mixers, shredders, drums, presses, extruders, drilling and all kinds of winches.

We operate in renewable energy, mining, recycling, cement, process industries, mobile, marine and offshore.

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