Hague Special Fasteners Ltd


Hague Fasteners specialise in the manufacture and supply of all types of custom fasteners, special fasteners and bespoke items to Customer's Designs and OEM Drawings including all types of threaded and milled special fasteners in many different types of materials.

Since 1971, we have been manufacturing a vast range of non-standard custom fasteners and components for a multitude of industries, including oil and gas, power generation, shipbuilding and construction.

We use an assortment of materials including carbon, stainless and non-ferrous steels as well as titanium, monel, hastelloy, duplex and super duplex grades.

Special Fasteners

We are experts in high integrity special fasteners in critical alloys. We hold vast stocks of high integrity steel and super alloy bars to enable us to provide standard, modified standard and custom designed fasteners within very short lead times, even in hours if required. Contact us for more information on our special fasteners.

Non Standard Fasteners

We design and manufacture non standard fasteners to meet an array of requirements. We have agents worldwide to enable us to supply non standard fasteners around the world. We have extensive experience across a wide range of industries including:

  • Construction
  • Oil and Gas
  • Chemical
  • Power Generation
  • Steel Fabrication
  • Mining
  • Ship Building
  • Water Industry
  • Transport
  • Fasteners

Bespoke Bolting

We manufacturer bespoke bolting to meet your individual specifications. Our bespoke bolting is provided with a fast turn around and with a range of guides, datasheets and conversion charts. 

Non Standard Socket Screws

We design and manufacture an assortment of non standard socket screws to suit individual requirements. Our non standard socket screws include:

  • Din 912 Hexagon socket head cap screws - Hexagon socket button head screws
  • Din 913 Hexagon socket screws with flat point
  • Din 914 Hexagon socket set screws with cone point
  • Din 915 Hexagon socket set screws with full dog point
  • Din 916 Hexagon socket set screws with cup point
  • Din 7984 Hex. socket head cap screws, reduced head
  • Din 7991 Hexagon socket countersunk head screw
  • Hex socket csk. head screws with hole
  • Hexagon socket button head screws

Hexagon Bolts

We supply hexagon bolts for industrial use around the world. Our hexagon bolts include:

  • Din 558 Hexagon screws MS
  • Din 561 Hexagon set screws with full dog point, Form A=with undercut adjacent to head, Form B= without undercut
  • Din 564 Hexagon set screws with half dog point, cone end, Form A = with undercut adjacent to head Form B = without undercut
  • Din 601 Hexagon bolts black xox
  • Din 610 Hexagon fitted bolts, short thread
  • Din 609 Hexagon fitted bolts, long thread
  • Din 931 Hexagon bolts BS 3692
  • Din 933 Hexagon screws BS 3692
  • Din 960 Hexagon bolts, metric fine pitch thread
  • Din 961 Hexagon screws, metric fine pitch thread
  • Din 7964 Hexagon bolts with reduced shank
  • Din 7968 Fitted bolts reduced thread

Wheel Studs

Our high quality wheel studs are manufactured to bespoke special vehicle manufacturers designs. We use UK sourced quality assured alloy steel to produce bespoke wheel studs. We can harden wheel studs and coat them if required with zinc or manganese phosphate.


Custom made bolts - Manufactured to your designs and drawings

Fasteners Distributers

We have always sought to build a strong relationship with fastener stockists and wholesalers in the UK and overseas. Far from treating fastener stockists as competition, our aim is to complement the standard range that each standard fastener company offers their own clients. We have a long tradition of assisting fastener stockists, wholesalers and general engineering supply companies with the manufacture of fasteners they would not or no longer keep on their shelves, including items to drawing or customer samples.

Socket Screws

Hague Fasteners have been manufacturing all types of Non Standard Socket Screws since 1971. Please view each of the Non Standard Socket Screw Types Listed here for further details.

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