Haigh Engineering Co Ltd


Haigh Engineering was established in 1955 and delivers products, solutions and services to clients across a range of sectors including:

· Waste water treatment - proven experts in the provision of waste water treatment solutions, Haigh have an established base of customers and installations throughout the UK, USA and Australia. From single unit sales through to integrated solutions, they have the experience and technology to meet your needs.


Incontinence Waste Disposal

Healthcare - Haigh are an established name in the provision of quality disposal technology to the UK health sector. Constant innovation and development of the very best disposal solutions for single use bedpans and pulp products is based on the valued feedback from managers, nursing staff and patients alike.

Renewable Applications

Experts in waste processing and separation technology using fine particle maceration for biogas plants. Haigh products are ideally used in Anaerobic Digestion and Biogas processes due to the output of smaller particles sized at 2-3mm and increasing the surface area available for the reaction.

Animal Waste Solutions

The Haigh Whoopsie Away is a custom designed unit specifically aimed at the management and safe disposal of dog waste. Used extensively within the military, kennelling and dog rescue sectors, including the RSPCA, the Whoopsie Away offers a clean, safe and energy efficient means of handling and disposal of dog waste where numbers of animals are in residence.

Commercial Foodwaste

We offer a quality and reliable commercial foodwaste solution, including sink fit applications and free standing units.

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