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Hallam Polymer Engineering (HPE) are the only supplier of V-THane high performance cast polyurethane & Supol rubber, engineering plastics & machining services.

HPE is the most experienced custom moulder of polyurethane in the UK. We have over 50 years manufacturing experience, we are approved suppliers to prestige and public sector organisations and have quality system approval to BS EN ISO 9002.

V-THane is our trading name for a range of solid cast polyurethanes, 25° shore A to 84° shore D. They offer outstanding mechanical and physical properties, abrasion resistance, durability, noise reduction, impact & shock absorption, chemical oil and water resistance etc. V-THane bridges the gap between convential rubbers and engineering plastics.

Polyurethanes are not all alike. At HPE, V-THane polyurethanes are carefully formulated to meet the demands of each application. They then undergo strictly controlled processing to ensure that components maintain their consistent finished properties. Materials and mouldings are routinely laboratory tested, and where possible, monitored in service. Re-formulation and development result in a comprehensive range of mouldings at the peak of quality and at the forefront of polyurethane technology.

Supol is our brand name representing additional rubber and plastic materials that compliment the V-THane range of polyurethanes. These include rubbers such as Nitrile, Neoprene, EPDM, Silicone, NBR, Hypalon etc, and plastics such as Nylon, Polyethlene, Polypropylene, PTFE, PVC, Teflon, Acrylics, and Phenolics. We offer these materials in a variety of standard shapes, or processed and machined to your own specific requirements.

V-THane and Supol components create improvement in plant efficiency and operating costs by reducing equipment downtime. They precisely meet the performance requirements of a wide variety of industrial applications.

polyurethane wheels

We supply and repair polyurethane wheels for many uses and industries

Hallam Polymer Engineering supply polyurethane wheels for a whole range of uses and industries – theme parks, transport systems, people transport systems (rail), continuous production lines (steel and water), water processing, escalator systems, linishing machine, conveyors and many more. We can supply plain wheels, grooved wheels and chamfered wheels.

Getting the right grade of material is just as important as the wheel design itself – at Hallam Polymer we offer a large range of different hardness of polyurethane and rubber coverings that can then be grooved or chamfered profile to suit the wheels use.

Unlike others we only offer polyurethane directly bonded straight to the wheel itself making sure a high quality bond is achieved between the metal and the tyre. You often come across trolley wheels that are glued on to a plastic hub that over time or in a stressful environment can fail. Our wheels will outlast and outperform most if not all others.

polyurethane wheels

Polyurethane Mouldings

olyurethane is such a versatile product that you really need people who understand the material to help guide you – that’s where HPE come in as we have over 50 years experience and have worked with many prestige and public sector organisations.

If you know what you want to achieve then we can work with you. If you have a job or product let’s see if it can be done in polyurethane – we can encase electronics in polyurethane, incorporate metal or make products using only polyurethane moulding.

Discuss your requirements with us and we will find the solution.

Polyurethane Mouldings

Rubber Products

Rubber parts made to your exact specification

Part of our factory is dedicated to rubber processing so when rubber is more suited to parts than polyurethane this is no problem. Being able to offer rubber along side polyurethane offers customers a wide range of high performance wheels, rollers, etc and our customers enjoy the benefit of being able to buy rubber and polyurethane from the same supplier. We will advise you on which material and grade is best suited to your requirements and it allows us to try different materials when embarking on a new project or just trying to solve an existing problem.

Our rubber production facility is structured towards the manufacture of round items such as wheels, rollers, tubes and sleeves which allows for the most appropriate choice of materials on these popular components.

Rubber Products

Polyurethane Roller Refurbishment

Polyurethane rollers repaired, re-covered and re-ground

Re-grinding a roller

Larger rollers are a great product to maximise life out of – we can offer a re-grinding or machining service so if you have a roller that has point contact with tyres wearing unevenly it can be re-grinded or machined back to a flat finish extending the like cycle of the wheel.

Polyurethane Roller Refurbishment

Polyurethane Seals / Gaskets

Polyurethane seals and gaskets made to your exact specification

HPE can custom mould polyurethane seals and gaskets to a very tight tolerance. Many of these parts go into water, oil and gas industries because the material properties of polyurethane make it the ideal choice – it is impervious to oil, water gas etc and has a wide operating temperature.

It is also a very cost effective solution as there is no waste of material or time machining parts and also our high quality seals and gaskets will last for many years.

We also offer a machining service for gaskets when you only need a few parts and it is not cost effective to have a mould made.

Polyurethane Seals / Gaskets
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