Hallmark Fire Ltd.


Hallmark Fire was established in April 1995 by Sean Ashton and Stephen Thomas.

Hallmark's success is outstanding; within the first 5 years of its operation, we had achieved ISO 9001 and LPS 1014 accreditations. We have now added LPS 1204 for gas extinguishing systems and a whole host of other independent approvals.

We had established agreements and distributorships with many of the UK leading manufacturers of fire detection, gas suppression and other associated equipment. We are seen as an unbiased independent supplier and source of information and solutions to all fire and extinguishing related needs.

We are seen as an authority on the latest industry standards and are leading the way in the industry by providing free seminars, training and information on the new BS5839-1:2002 and other fire related issues for our existing and potential clients.

Hallmark Fire Ltd has made its mark on the industry as a service leader and we will continue to lead our competitors through continued growth, the power of customer service and employee commitment and teamwork.

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