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Established almost three decades ago, Hammond Lubricants & Chemicals Ltd has a business foundation built on working in partnership and adding value to create unparalleled levels of service, dependable supply of quality chemical products and expert technical support. 

As a key distributor of quality chemicals for Houghton, Mobil, Q8 and many others, we hold a wide range of stock from which we are able to offer next day if not same day delivery nationwide from our conveniently located West Midlands sales and storage depot.


Our offering covers the whole life cycle of your lubricant and chemical needs from initial site survey through to technical recommendations then ongoing oil analysis/fluid management to safe and certified disposal.

Working with you on all your lubricant needs, we will consistently demonstrate our total focus and determination to analyse and carefully select the most appropriate solution for your business.


We develop and produce the highest-quality specialty chemicals, oils, and lubricants for the metal forming, metalworking and equipment manufacturing (automotive and steel) industries. We provide innovative and sustainable solutions designed to help our customers increase productivity, reduce costs and minimize risks.

When working within the metalworking industry, we comply with all regulatory and environmental obligations. We want to further minimise the environmental impact for customers by continuing to develop products and services with ever-improving environmental responsibility.

Elefant Oil

We are the exclusive distributor for the UK and Ireland of ELEFANT® Sugar Dissolving Oil – the best solution to all sticky problems. The product is ideal wherever sugar may accumulate on production or packaging machinery.

The use of ELEFANT® Oil will increase efficiency and will reduce unscheduled downtime thus increasing production capacity. It is used on parts during the packaging process to prevent the shrink wrap from sticking and causing production interruptions.

Environmental Awareness

We recognise and understand the need to protect the environment. We have created a a comprehensive environmental package from waste oil removal to spill control and oil storage solutions. Please visit our website to learn more about our environmental awareness policies.

Technical Support

We have the resources to offer the highest level of technical support. Either carried out by our fully trained staff or sourced through specialist third party companies, we promise every client and customer to exceed industry standards for technical support.

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