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Hanningfield's Uni-Vac vacuum conveyor  is designed to make the transfer of powder, granules and similar materials easier. Offering a range of of different size systems, Hanningfield can offer a solution for the smallest and biggest applications.


Cone Mills


The Hanningfield Uni Mill has been designed for the deagglomeration of a range of powders and materials to a smaller and more uniform size.  The Uni Mill has been employed across a wide range of applications and processes within the pharmaceutical, food, chemical, and allied industries.

Key features of the Uni Mill include:

  • Stainless Steel construction  (304 or 316L grade)
  • Easy to clean design and no metal-to-metal contact
  • Can be ATEX rated
  • Low noise production operating at <85dB
  • Potential throughout of between 200 kgs/hr - 7200kgs/hr
  • Capable of milling both wet and dry powders
  • Can achieve a minimum particle size of around 150 microns

For more information on how the Hanningfield Uni Mill could improve your process, please follow this link.     

Cone Mills

Capsule Conveying Machine

The Hanningfield Capsujet is designed to transport hard-shelled capsules into an IBC, capsule filling machine and other process equipment.  The Capsujet offers a simple solution to the problem of transferring large volumes of capsules.  Using a system of patented venturi, the Capsujet transports capsules using a gentle airflow ensuring the capsules are undamaged in transit.

Key features of the Hanningfield Capsujet include;

  • Design and manufacture in Britain
  • 100% of capsules transferred every time
  • Throughput of up to 300,000 emtpy capsules, and 200,000 filled capsules per hour keeping pace with high speed capsule filling machines
  • Constructed with 304 or 316L grade Stainless Steel

For more information on the Hanningfield Capsujet please follow this link.

Capsule Conveying Machine

Lump Breakers

The Hanningfield Lump Breaker has been designed break down large material which is unsuitable for direct milling.  To achieve the deagglomeration of material the Lump Breaker employs a  twin rotor contra-rotating shaft system.

The Main features of the Hanningfield Lump Breaker include;

  • Designed and manufactured in Britain
  • Stainless Steel design (304 or 316L grade)
  • Throughput of up to 10,000 kgs/h
  • Easily fitted into production lines, i.e. above a mill or IBC
  • Lump Breaker can be ATEX rated
  • Low maintenance and easy to clean

For more information about Hanningfield's Lump Breaker please follow this link.

Lump Breakers

Powder Recovery Cyclones

Hanningfield's range of Uni-Dust powder recovery cyclones are designed to capture waste material from various processes, including tabletting and packet filling.  The Uni-Dust powder recovery cyclone is both innovative and unique, as it is able to capture up to 99.9% of dust particles, allowing for batch loss reconcilliation.  Capturing excess waste prevents filters from becoming blocked and requiring replacement, which can delay production, and ultimately prove very costly.

Please visit Hanningfield's website to learn more about powder recovery.


Powder Recovery Cyclones

Hoist (Lifting system)

The Hanningfield Uni Hoist has been designed for the purpose of lifting heavy equipment such as IBCs, mills and vacuum conveyors.  The Uni Hoist removes the amount of manual handling involved within a process, thus improving the safety of operators but also the efficiency of your process.  Since its design over twenty years ago, the Hanningfield Uni Hoist has been installed within over 160 systems worldwide.  Capable of lifting, rotating and inverting, the Uni Hoist offers a versatile solution to process equipment handling. 


Key features of the Hanningfield Uni Hoist include;

  • Designed and manufactured in Britain
  • Constructed with Stainless Steel 304 or 316
  • Fail safe design to protect operator and equipment
  • Can lift up to 1,500kgs
  • Atex and non Atex version available
Hoist (Lifting system)

Equipment Positioning Hoists

Our vast product range includes equipment positioning hoists. The Hanningfield Uni-Hoist is often utilised for the positioning of equipment. Process equipment such as mills and vacuum conveyors can be hoist mounted to give a great deal of operational flexibility, in terms of both mobility and height. The integration of process equipment with the Uni-Hoist facilitates improved operations by enabling equipment to be positioned wherever the need arises.

More information on Hanningfield’s equipment positioning hoists can be found here.

Equipment Positioning Hoists

Spares and accessories

Hanningfield can supply spare parts for a wide range of process equipment, inlcuding screens and impellers for most conical mills.  A broken part can hold up production, costing both time and money.  Visit Hanningfield's spares and accessories section on their website to find out more.

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