Hardy Advanced Composites


"If you require carbon fibre tubes, glass fibre tubes or Kevlar tubes then look no further"

Celebrating 40 Years of Composite Tube Technology

Glass Fibre Tubes

Suppliers of Carbon Fibre Tubes, Glass Fibre Tubes, Kevlar or Hybrid Composite Tubes with customised composite tubes to meet your specific requirements. Our tubing is used in Aerospace - Defence - Marine - Motor Sport and General Applications.

Telescopic Composite Tubing

We offer tapered carbon fibre tubes and tapered glass fibre tubes/telescopic composite tubing plus parallel carbon fibre tubes and glass fibre tubes with various surface finishes and "carbon fibre" looks to meet your aesthetic requirements


Composite Tubes

If you have a requirement for composite tubes or are currently sourcing tubes from another supplier, give us a call and we will be happy to give you a quotation.

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